Repo to share simple tests
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Repo to share simple tests

Peer-to-peer Example

This test consists of a client app and a small server part that acts both as a signaling server, and a web server that hosts the client app at http://localhost:8080. You need node.js to run the server parts. This example is only tested with video between WebKitGTK+ MiniBrowser and Chrome at the moment.

Follow these steps to run the test:

  1. Build the WebRTC enabled WebKit available at [1] (see [2] for building instructions).
  2. Add a key and certificate locations to the channel_server.js file, or generate a self-signed one.
  3. Start the combined signaling and web server by running node channel_server.js from the p2p-example directory (this repo).
  4. Start the MiniBrowser: Tools/Scripts/run-minibrowser --gtk --enable-media-stream=1 http://localhost:8080.
  5. Start Chrome and point it to https://localhost:8080.
  6. Click the join button in both browsers to join the defalut session ("test").
  7. Initiate the call from one of the browsers by clicking the "Initiate Call" button.