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A fully tested and covered polyfill for new DOM Level 4 entries

Via cdnJS

Many thanks to cdnjs for hosting this script. Following an example on how to include it.

>/* DOM4 */</script>

New v2

Both query and queryAll have been removed, while CSS :scope selector has been added.


This is a fully tested and covered polyfill for both new DOM Level 4 parentNode entries:

  • Element#prepend()
  • Element#append()

And for new DOM Level 4 childNode entries:

  • Element#before()
  • Element#after()
  • Element#replaceWith() ( warning Element#replace() has been recently deprecated )
  • Element#remove()

The implemented test is conform to current specifications.

Other fixes/standardized behaviors include:

  • toggleAttribute
  • DOM Listener: capture, passive, and once
  • fully normalized KeyboardEvent, MouseEvent and the latest way to create new Event('type')
  • CSS :scope selector for any HTML Element (no document since useless, sorry)
  • classList, with forced fixes for iOS 5.1 and Nokia ASHA Xpress Browser and early implementations
  • CustomEvent constructor for all browsers down to IE8
  • Element#matches utility to test elements against CSS selectors
  • Element#closest utility to find element inclusive ancestor via CSS selectors
  • Node#contains utility to know if another node is inside the current one
  • requestAnimationFrame and cancelAnimationFrame are polyfilled too but the least legacy fallback to setTimeout does not support accurate timing and doesn't slow down execution with that logic. Feel free to load upfront other polyfills if needed.

If you need other polyfills too, have a look at another DOM-shim repo.


Theoretically compatible with all browsers you know that are truly used these days, here a list:

  • Android 2.1+
  • Safari Mobile since iOS 3.0 and Desktop
  • Opera Mobile, Mini, and Desktop
  • Blackberry 7.1 and higher
  • Samsung Bada 2 native Browser
  • Midori and most likely all other WebKit based
  • Chrome Mobile and Desktop
  • Firefox Mobile and Desktop
  • IE8+ for Desktop and IE Mobile 9 or greater.
  • Nokia Xpress Browser for ASHA Platform
  • Silk Browser - Fire OS 3.0
  • PhantomJS can benefit from DOM4 too

It's way easier if you tell me which browser in a current relevant market share is not supported :-)

For IE8 only it's recommended to include ie8 script before dom4 or CustomEvent, addEventListener, and dispatchEvent won't work as expected.

Which File

The minified version is here, while the max one here. If you want to test directly try this page, it should be green.

Want to contribute?

If you found a bug, want to contribute or have any questions feel free to fill an issue or pull request, and help us to improve the Dom4


Dom4 Code released under the MIT license.