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A Desktop Client for Twitter Mobile

... if that makes any sense to you.


Twitter released a new which looks pretty nice. You can finally have it as stand-alone application on Linux Desktop too, through a simple wrapper written in few hours of JavaScript writing and testing.

jsGtk Twitter screenshot

This is the beauty of writing native App with JavaScript.

How To Install on Mac / OSX

Note: Highly experimental, it takes long time to install due lack of pre-built WebKit2GTK quartz package via MacPorts.

If you don't have Command Line Tools already installed, please write this on your terminal:

# content in
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

After that, the only current working packages manager is MacPorts.

Please download and install it from the official page.

The last step is to install jsgtk and all dependencies, including WebKit2 GTK. Please write this in console.

# content in
WEBKIT=true sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Please note it might take very long time to fully build all dependencies.

In case you have/want X11 instead of quartz as UI backend, please export X11=true too. If you don't want any gstreamer1-gst-plugin-bad, neither x11 nor gtk2, you can export PURE_QUARTZ=true.

How To Install on Linux

The dependency number 1 is jsgtk. There are few ways to install it, just pick your favorite.

The easiest way is to write this on a terminal:

# content in
WEBKIT=true sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

How to run

I haven't yet created a proper AUR or npm package yet, but I eventually will. The simplest way to use this app is to clone this repository and then launch ./app.

The first time only you'll need to login through the website. This app doesn't hold, send, use, or analyze anything about you, your account, your twitter activity, or your credentials.

How to install on Linux as Desktop App

There is an app.install which, if executed, should make the app available through the main Desktop environment, at least in ArchLinux and GNOME, which is my primary OS of choice.

How to test stuff ?

Remember to launch the app via ./app --debug to get notified about all the things and have no conflicts with the live web app.

jsGtk Twitter screenshot


JSGtk Desktop Twitter Client based on Mobile Twitter






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