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node require for JS client side


Here you find everything you need to know behind this project.


Install the node binary through [sudo] npm install require_client -g.

Create a portable require file via require_client ~/path/jsfolder [~/path/require.js] [--yui] [--watch].

If no third argument is specified, the build will be inside the build folder of the require_client installation.

If --yui is not an argument, UglifyJS will be used as default.

If --watch has been specified, the process keep building automatically per each file change. This is very handy if you want to forget about building before each test.


it's now possible to create a require.js script able to parse itself ... e.g.

<script class="exec" src="js/require.js">

This makes inclusion of built requires easier to bootstrap.

multiple projects

It is now possible to create many build with require() and place all of them in parallel. The first require that will be available in the global scope will be used as parser, all others will simply enrich the list of available modules.


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