WebRockit Setup

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  • WebRockit Suite has been tested against Centos 6 x64.
  • We suggest a box with at least 4-8GB of ram for the UI/API bits. Hosts with 512MB-1GB are fine for the pollers.
  • You need to have a graphite installation setup somewhere.

Webrockit Setup

Install Sensu

  • Do this setup before installing Webrockit
  • Please follow the sensu setup instructions here: http://sensuapp.org/docs/0.12/guide
  • You must have a sensu client subscribed to "webpoller" or the name of one of your pollers created in the up/api.

Install Poller

  • curl -L http://x.co/wrclientc6 | bash -s stable

Services Prep

  • Install git. yum install git
  • cd /opt
  • git clone https://github.com/WebRockit/webrockit-extras.git
  • cd webrockit-extras
  • sh riak/install_riak.sh
  • cd graphite_handler
  • Edit webrockit.json with the server name of your graphite server. Also add graphite prefix. This isnt required, but recommended.
  • sh install.sh

Install API and UI

Install Checksync