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Metaname for WHMCS

metaname-whmcs is an open source PHP module containing Metaname-specific functionality for WHMCS, including:

  • import_nz_domain_name & import_other_domain_name - import a .nz or domain name.
  • register_domain_name - register a domain name.
  • renew_domain_name - renew a domain name.
  • update_contacts - update the contacts for a domain name.
  • update_name_servers - update the name servers for a domain name.

To Do

  • Everything

Known Issues

  • None


There are a few different ways you can install Metaname for WHMCS:

  • Download the zipfile, or
  • Checkout the source: "git clone git://"

Either way, you will need to put it into your WHMCS "modules/regisrars/" directory.

Getting Started

  • Install Metaname for WHMCS
  • Get an API key - to use the Metaname API you need a Metaname account and API key. You can obtain your API credentials for free at
  • Set the API key in WHMCS
  • Enjoy the current lack of functionality!


  • Metaname is one of only two .nz authorised registrars with full support for both IPv6 and DNSSEC.
  • WebSlate NZ is an upcoming New Zealand-based company focused on web development, networking, and customer premises solutions.


The views expressed in this repo are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of Metaname or WebSlate New Zealand Limited.