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Fluent: Making a new translation

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Translations can be added via Pontoon:

Old Instructions

  • Start in the WebThings Gateway repository:
  • Copy static/fluent/en-US/main.ftl to static/fluent/<your language>/main.ftl
  • Translate the text in that file
  • Perform the following code changes

Add the language to availableLanguages in static/js/fluent.js:

const availableLanguages = {
  de: ['/fluent/de/main.ftl'],
  'en-US': ['/fluent/en-US/main.ftl'],
  en: ['/fluent/en-US/main.ftl'],
  fr: ['/fluent/fr/main.ftl'],
  'fy-NL': ['/fluent/fy-NL/main.ftl'],
  it: ['/fluent/it/main.ftl'],
  ja: ['/fluent/ja/main.ftl'],
  nl: ['/fluent/nl/main.ftl'],
  pl: ['/fluent/pl/main.ftl'],
  ru: ['/fluent/ru/main.ftl'],
  sr: ['/fluent/sr/main.ftl'],
  // your language

Add the language to l10n.toml:

locales = [
  # your language

Modify the country code in that file's load() function if you want to test it out

  language = 'your language'; // response.current || navigator.language || 'en-US';