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HOWTO: Factory reset an IKEA bulb

Ben Francis edited this page Sep 5, 2018 · 4 revisions

Toggle the power to bulb six times. The bulb should flash once after being turned on the sixth time. You can then press + in the gateway and you should see the bulb show up (it may take 10-15 seconds).


  • If you have problems resetting the plain white (non-colour) IKEA bulb, try making the "ons" very brief (less than a second) and the "offs" longer

  • You may need to hold the bulb extremely close to the gateway (less than 20cm) in order to get it to pair

Alternatively the method as described for the Philips Hue Bulbs, using the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch is confirmed to work for IKEA bulbs, too.