Build an XWiki compatible .xar file from a WebViewer
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Convert WebViewers into XWiki Extensions

  1. Install:

    npm install webviewer-to-xwiki-extension
  2. Navigate into the webviewer directory and type:


This will produce an XWiki .xar file from the webviewer which is sutible for importing into XWiki.

Other options

Generate a maven build for the given .xar file.

    wv2xar --mvn

Post the WebViewer directly to a live wiki. Form is <user>:<password>@<hostname>:<port>/<wikiname>/.

    wv2xar --post Admin:admin@

Fields this Converter Pays Attention To

  • name: the name of the viewer
  • author: the author of the webviewer
  • description: Brief description of the webviewer
  • version: The version of the webviewer
  • releaseStatus: One of "planned", "alpha", "beta", "released".
  • actions: The webviewer actions and file types
  • sourceURL: A URL for the repository where the webviewer source code is available
  • license: The license of the WebViewers wrapper.
  • type: One of "drawing", "business", "office", or "other".
  • originalDeveloper: The developer of the viewer, specifically if different from the packager.
  • viewerLicense: The license under which the viewer is made available.
  • viewerURL: A URL for the website of the original viewer.