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This is a PHP library that provides a simple way to communicate with the Sendcloud API. It was created because there were no simple alternatives that follow good object-oriented code practices.

NOTE: This library does not implement all Sendcloud API functionality. If you require functionality that is missing please request it through a GitHub issue or pull request.


use JouwWeb\Sendcloud\Client;
use JouwWeb\Sendcloud\Model\Address;
use JouwWeb\Sendcloud\Model\Parcel;
use JouwWeb\Sendcloud\Model\ParcelItem;
use JouwWeb\Sendcloud\Model\WebhookEvent;
use JouwWeb\Sendcloud\Exception\SendcloudRequestException;

$client = new Client('your_public_key', 'your_secret_key');

// Print prices for all enabled shipping methods that ship to the Netherlands
foreach ($client->getShippingMethods() as $shippingMethod) {
    $price = $shippingMethod->getPriceForCountry('NL');
    if ($price) {
        echo $shippingMethod->getName() . ': €' . ($price / 100) . PHP_EOL;

// Create a parcel and label
try {
    // Most of these arguments are optional and will fall back to defaults configured in Sendcloud
    $parcel = $client->createParcel(
        shippingAddress: new Address(
            name: 'John Doe',
            companyName: 'Big Box Co.',
            addressLine1: 'Office Street 2834A',
            city: 'Metropolis',
            postalCode: '9999ZZ',
            countryCode: 'NL',
            emailAddress: '',
            phoneNumber: '+31612345678'
        servicePointId: null,
        orderNumber: '20190001',
        weight: 2500, // 2.5kg
        // Below options are only required when shipping outside the EU
        customsInvoiceNumber: 'CI-8329823',
        customsShipmentType: Parcel::CUSTOMS_SHIPMENT_TYPE_COMMERCIAL_GOODS,
        items: [
            new ParcelItem('green tea', 1, 123, 15.20, '090210', 'EC'),
            new ParcelItem('cardboard', 3, 50, 0.20, '090210', 'NL'),
        postNumber: 'PO BOX 42',

    $parcel = $client->createLabel(
        parcel: $parcel,
        shippingMethod: 8,
        senderAddress: null, // Default sender address.

    $pdf = $client->getLabelPdf($parcel, Parcel::LABEL_FORMAT_A4_BOTTOM_RIGHT);

    var_dump($parcel, $pdf);
} catch (SendcloudRequestException $exception) {
    echo $exception->getMessage();

// Verify and parse a webhook request
$webhookEvent = $client->parseWebhookRequest($request);
if ($webhookEvent->getType() === WebhookEvent::TYPE_PARCEL_STATUS_CHANGED) {
    $parcel = $webhookEvent->getParcel();


composer require jouwweb/sendcloud