Used with live-build to build the chroot
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Webconverger Debian Live build configuration

For the source of the rootfs aka $WEBC_CHECKOUT, please use:


yourhost # docker build -t webcbuildimage .
yourhost # docker run --name buildwebc -it -v $WEBC_CHECKOUT:/root/Debian-Live-config/webconverger/chroot webcbuildimage

Building the image

insidecontainer # make # <--- run inside container

Get the built ISO out

yourhost # docker cp buildwebc:/root/Debian-Live-config/webconverger/live-image-i386.hybrid.iso test.iso

When you need to revisit the image

yourhost # docker start -ai buildwebc


yourhost # docker start buildwebc
yourhost # docker exec -it buildwebc /bin/bash