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. "/etc/webc/"
. "/etc/webc/webc.conf"
# Set up:
# - fd 1 (stdout) to write to install.log
# - fd 2 (stderr) to write to install.log
# - fd 3 to write to install.log as well (useful inside command
# substitutions where stdout is not available)
# - fd 4 to write to the console
# Don't write to fd 3 and 4 directly, use _logs or _err instead.
exec >>"$install_log" 2>&1 3>&1 4>/dev/console
set -e
# If the shell exists, we assume the install failed. If the install succeeds,
# the EXIT trap is removed just before exiting the script, so this handler
# does not trigger.
failed_install() {
echo -e "\n\n\n\tINSTALL FAILED\n\n\n" >&4
echo -e "Here's some log output that may help (see $install_log for more):\n" >&4
tail /root/install.log >&4
# Clean up mounts
[ -n "$SWAPON" ] && swapoff /mnt/root/swap
[ -n "$MOUNTED" ] && umount -f -l -r /mnt/root
_logs "press enter to try start over..."
read DUMMY
# init should restart us.
clear_screen() {
for i in `seq 200`; do
echo >&4
_logs() {
# Write to install.log
echo ">> $@" >&3
# Write to console
echo ">> $@" >&4
_err() {
_logs "ERR:" "$@"
return 1
describe_disk() {
local name=$(basename $1)
model=$(cat "/sys/block/${name}/device/model")
# Convert from 512-byte sectors to GiB
size_gib=$(cat "/sys/block/${name}/size" | awk '{printf "%0.2f", $1*512/1024/1024/1024}')
size_gb=$(cat "/sys/block/${name}/size" | awk '{printf "%0.2f", $1*512/1000/1000/1000}')
echo "${model} (${size_gib}GiB / ${size_gb}GB)"
find_disk() {
_logs "finding disk"
while true; do
local disk
local choices=() # Use an array so we can have spaces in the titles
for dev in /dev/[sh]d?; do
# TODO: Filter out the device we're currently booting from
if test -e $dev; then
choices+=($dev "$(describe_disk "${dev}")")
chosen=$(dialog --cancel-label "Reload" --menu "Select disk to install onto:" 17 60 10 "${choices[@]}" 2>&1 1>&4)
model=$(describe_disk "${chosen}")
msg="You are about to install to the following disk:\n\n${chosen} - ${model}\n\nThis will permanently and completely erase any data that is currently on this disk!\n\nDo you really want to continue?" 1>&4
if [ -n "${chosen}" ] && dialog --defaultno --title "Are you sure?" --yesno "${msg}" 0 0 1>&4; then
echo "${chosen}"
partition_disk() {
local disk="$1"
_logs "partitioning ${disk}"
/sbin/sfdisk $disk <<EOF
verify_partition() {
local disk="$1"
_logs "verifying partitions on ${disk}"
test -e ${disk}1
# /sbin/sfdisk -V -q $disk # never times out when 0 partitions exist
md5() { md5sum | awk '{ print $1 }'; }
verify_extlinux_mbr() {
local disk="$1"
_logs "verifying mbr on ${disk}"
a=$( md5 < /usr/lib/extlinux/mbr.bin )
b=$( dd if=$disk bs=440c count=1 2>/dev/null | md5 )
test "$a" = "$b" && return 0
return 1
install_extlinux() {
local dir="$1"
local part="$2"
local disk="$3"
_logs "installing mbr to ${disk}"
dd if=/usr/lib/extlinux/mbr.bin of="${disk}" bs=440 count=1 2> /dev/null
_logs "installing extlinux to ${dir}/boot/extlinux"
mkdir -p "${dir}/boot/extlinux"
extlinux --install "${dir}/boot/extlinux"
test -e "${dir}/boot/extlinux/ldlinux.sys" || _err "no ${dir}/boot/extlinux/ldlinux.sys?"
rm -f "${dir}/boot/extlinux/boot.txt"
_logs "generating extlinux configuration"
# Extract kernel and initrd and generate extlinux config
generate_installed_config "${dir}" "${git_repo}" "${current_git_revision}"
setup_root() {
local mount=$1
local partition=$2
_logs "building filesystem on $partition"
mke2fs -j $partition
_logs "mounting $partition on $mount"
test -d $mount || mkdir $mount
mount $partition $mount
_logs "enabling swap on ${mount}/swap"
dd if=/dev/zero of=${mount}/swap bs=1M count=256
mkswap ${mount}/swap
swapon ${mount}/swap
_logs "copying files to ${mount}"
mkdir -p "${mount}/live"
cp -r ${git_repo} ${mount}/live/
# Trap any shell exits with the failed handler
trap failed_install EXIT
disk=$( find_disk )
partition_disk $disk
verify_partition $disk
setup_root $root_mount $root_partition
install_extlinux $root_mount $root_partition $disk
verify_extlinux_mbr $disk
_logs "unmounting partitions"
swapoff /mnt/root/swap
umount /mnt/root
_logs "install complete"
e2label $root_partition install
_logs $(blkid)
_logs "press enter to reboot..."
read DUMMY
# Install did not fail, unregister the trap (do this before the
# reboot, since the reboot might kill us before we get to
# exit ourselves)
trap - EXIT
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