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11:39 -!- Maslicko [c2e4178a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #webconverger
11:44 hi, can u help me? i was tried flash webocnverger to dell optiplex fx160.. when i got this msg:INIT: Id "X3" respawning too fast: disabled for 5min.
11:45 and nothing happened for over an hour
11:53 msg:INIT: Id "X3" is defn a problem
11:54 Maslicko: you mean you tried to "install" Webconverger, correct?
11:58 @blathijs Maslicko: It might help to boot with the "debug" option, after boot press "alt+F2" to switch to the second console, login as "root" (no password required) and then have a look at /root/install.log to see if there's any errors from the installer in there
12:12 got it
12:17 form install.log - BLKRRPART: device or resource busy
12:17 use the --noreread flag to suppress this flag, use the --force flag to overrule all check
12:18 so the disk it's installing to, is busy.. hmmm
12:19 maybe it's not seeing your disk and trying to install to itself? what is /dev/sda
12:28 @blathijs Maslicko: Are you installing from a CD? Or from an USB stick?
12:29 @blathijs Maslicko: And trying to install to an internal SATA disk?
12:30 @blathijs hendry: Here's another useful ignore command, leaves just the actuall commit messages: /ignore -regexp -pattern "pushed.*new commit to" github NOTICES
12:30 @blathijs hendry: A pity that github doesn't have a checkbox for that
12:37 i installing from USB stick to internal usb flashdrive - dell optiplex fx170 haven't harddrive.
12:38 the assumption in the code here is probably wrong then: in your case
12:38 Maslicko: you could dd the ISO to the right location of the usb flashdrive
12:43 bit exhausted from frustratingly working on the extension
12:43 i think i'm going to nervously tag 14.0
13:01 tagged
13:02 * hendry triggers super fresh build on hetty
13:03 @blathijs Maslicko: I'm planning to fix up the install code to support usb->usb installs, but I think it's not quite ready for that yet (IIRC there were a few different problems)
13:07 so, we will using live distribution for now.
13:07 thank you
13:08 for ansver
13:08 Maslicko: no worries :)


Need to roll a 14.1 release!

@kaihendry kaihendry closed this in 61e2fb0 Aug 24, 2012
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