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Tracking the status of the Debian installer.

Debian installer is disabled on recent builds

Webconverger has sponsored work to allow Webconverger to be installed on the hard drive.

There are some pros and cons on installs.


If you computer is enable to boot [[usb]] sticks, you typically would want to install Webconverger from the [[iso]] version onto the hard drive to improve load times.

Although USB or ISO (Compact Disc) media is inexpensive, it is sometimes a waste not to use the hard drive contained in most computers today. Customers also worry that USB sticks or CDs can go missing from the computer.


Users can unwittingly replace the contents of their hard drive with Webconverger.

Including the installer on the Webconverger images, can bloat the image by many several megabytes. Since Webconverger is by [[design]] a Live Linux distribution, this can be wasteful since many will not be using this feature.

Webconverger on a writable disk makes everything rather complicated. Some users don't want to loose history and hence this goes against the [[design]]. Webconverger on the hard drive makes it much easier to upgrade than a LiveCD, since upgrades can be persistent across reboots. However ensuring upgrades happen smoothly and efficiently is hard work!

The installer is complex and it's difficult to support and [[test|testing]].

The [[USB]] Live version of Webconverger boots up as fast as the hard drive version.

USB issues

  • Too many menu options

You can accidentally install Webconverger on the free space on the USB key. Don't do this, it won't work.

ISO issues

grub-pc is in affect, which will cause;a=blob;f=webconverger/config/binary_local-includes/install/ to fail and hence the install will report failure too.