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A template to deploy a bot in Webex Teams using the webex-node-bot-framework
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Starter kit and template for a simple Webex Teams bot

For a more detailed walkthorugh, see the companion blog post here:

This is a very simple Webex Teams node.JS bot application that serves as a template to be further extended. It features the webex-node-bot-framework that simplifies development for Webex Teams bots by abstractig away some of the complexity of the API calls and registering for events. Some parts of the app are taken from on the old sparkbotstarter template created by Victor Algaze.

Here is the bot in action:

git What we're making


  • node.js (minimum supported v8.0.0 & npm 2.14.12 and up)

  • Sign up for Webex Teams (logged in with your web browser)

Steps to get the bot working

  1. Create a Webex Teams bot (save the API access token and username):

  2. Sign up for nGrok, then connect and start it on your machine (save the port number and public web address):

  3. Add the nGrok address, port number and bot access token to the config-template.json file

  4. Re-name the config-template.json file as config.json

  5. Turn on your bot server with npm start

  6. Create a space in Webex Teams

  7. Add the bot (by its username) to the space in Webex Teams

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