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AgenDie Screenshot

Latest release: version 0.0.2.

Custom homepage with favorite links

Now also available to install as a Firefox add-on!

Firefox add-on

HomePage allows you to quickly and easily create a personalized homepage with your favorite links grouped by topic.

No need to install anything: Simply download, unzip and open hp.html file with your browser.

Then create the topics that interest you, and add to each topic links to your favorite websites.

Give a personal design touch to themes, links and background.

Save all changes and put that page as your home page in your browser.


HomePage no installation required. To run it:

  1. Download and decompress on your system.
  2. Open hp.html file with your browser (see Requirements). Ready!

First steps

For quick access, in the browser settings, set that page as the start page.

Copy the images you want to use for your themes and links in the HP/images directory. (Not required since version 0.0.2).

The image supports most formats: png, jpg, gif, svg (even animated images). Please note that images can be cropped differently to fit different screen sizes. For the topics, the images that best adapt are landscape, and for the links square or round images.

From the main application window, open the menu with the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the language of the application.



Create your home page with just a few mouse clicks.


Show your preferred links organized by topic on the browser home page.


Organize your favorite links by themes and change the layout of the page with images and colors.


No installation required. Just use your browser to run it.


Start your browser faster when booting with a local file that does not require a connection.

Store all data in your own browser locally. To do this uses two modern HTML5 properties compatible with most browsers: IndexedDB and LocalStorage.

Responsive web design

Use the website on different devices.


Respect your privacy. No internet connection required and all data is stored locally. Free and open-source software.


Currently available in English and Spanish (ver Crea tu página de inicio con tus enlaces favoritos, in Spanish). Soon more translations available.


AgenDie Screenshot

AgenDie Screenshot

AgenDie Screenshot

AgenDie Screenshot

AgenDie Screenshot

AgenDie Screenshot

Development planning

  • Export and import tools.
  • Alert to confirm delete theme.
  • Possibility to edit link (change name, image and url).
  • Possibility of ordering topics? Possibility of ordering links?
  • Change place of buttons to create / delete links?
  • Working for conversion as Firefox extension.