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Photo realistic navigation experience
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A photo realistic navigation experience.

How to run

clone the repo. install dependencies. ng serve

Project key technologies

Angular - A structural framework for dynamic web apps.

Cesium - An open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D mapping of geospatial data.

Angular-Cesium - A JavaScript library for creating map based web apps using Cesium and Angular.

NGRX - Reactive State for Angular.

TURF - Advanced geospatial analysis for browsers and Node.js.

Bing Routes API - Used to create a route that includes two or more locations and to create routes from major roads.

Bing Geocoding API - Used to get latitude and longitude coordinates that correspond to location information.

Want to contribute?

see open issues

Want to do business with us? Contact us at

Whats next?

Future plans for this app are vast, starting at enabling other navigation methods such as walking and transit,

adding 3D buildings models display, terrain display, recalculation in case of deviation, adding traffic updates API and adding tweets according to the user's location.

Other features such as presenting next maneuver's sign, changing the navigation icon and adding a speedometer...

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