Docker container for Weblate
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Docker container for Weblate

Docker hub tags

You can use following tags on Docker hub:

  • latest - latest stable release
  • edge - bleeding edge docker image (contains stable Weblate, but the Docker image changes might not yet be fully tested)


Detailed documentation is available in Weblate documentation:

Getting started

  1. Create a docker-compose.override.yml file with your settings.

    version: '2'
          - WEBLATE_EMAIL_HOST_USER=user
          - WEBLATE_ALLOWED_HOSTS=your hosts
          - WEBLATE_ADMIN_PASSWORD=password for admin user
  2. Build the instances

    docker-compose build
  3. Start up

    docker-compose up
  4. For more detailed instructions visit

Maintenance tasks

There are some cron jobs to run. You should set WEBLATE_OFFLOAD_INDEXING=1 when these are setup

*/5 * * * * cd /usr/share/weblate/; docker-compose run --rm weblate update_index
@daily cd /usr/share/weblate/; docker-compose run --rm weblate cleanuptrans
@hourly cd /usr/share/weblate-docker/; docker-compose run --rm weblate commit_pending --all --age=96