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Docker container for Weblate
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Official Docker container for Weblate

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Weblate is a libre software web-based continuous localization system used by over 1150+ opensource projects & companies in over 115+ countries around the World.

You might want to use Weblate docker-compose to run Weblate.

Exposed ports

In July 2019 (starting with the 3.7.1-6 tag), the containers is not running as root. As a consequence this has lead to changed exposed port from 80 to 8080.

Docker hub tags

You can use following tags on Docker hub:

  • latest - latest stable release
  • edge - bleeding edge docker image (contains stable Weblate, but the Docker image changes might not yet be fully tested)
  • specific tag from weblate/weblate image


Detailed documentation is available in Weblate documentation:

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