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Weblate 4.4

Not yet released.

  • Improved validation when creating component.
  • Weblate now requires Django 3.1.
  • Added support for design customization in the management interface.
  • Fixed read only state handling in bulk edit.
  • Improved CodeMirror integration.
  • Added addon to remove blank strings from translation files.
  • The CodeMirror editor is now used for translations.
  • Syntax highlighting in translation editor for XML, HTML, Markdown and reStructuredText.
  • Highlight placeables in translation editor.

Weblate 4.3.2

Released on November 4th 2020.

  • Fixed crash on certain component filemasks.
  • Improved accurancy of the consecutive duplicated words check.
  • Added support for Pagure pull requests.
  • Improved error messages on failed registraiton.
  • Reverted rendering developer comments as markdown.
  • Simplified setup of Git repositories with different default branch than master.
  • Newly created internal repositories now use main as default branch.
  • Reduced false positives rate of unchanged translation while translating reStructuredText.
  • Fixed CodeMirror display issues in some situations.
  • Renamed Template group to Sources to clarify its meaning.
  • Fixed GitLab pull requests on repos with longer path.

Weblate 4.3.1

Released on October 21st 2020.

  • Improved automatic translation performance.
  • Fixed session expiry for authenticated users.
  • Add support for hiding version information.
  • Improve hooks compatibility with Bitbucket Server.
  • Improved translation memory updates performance.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Improved performance of matrix view.
  • Added confirmation before removing user from a project.

Weblate 4.3

Released on October 15th 2020.

  • Include user stats in the API.
  • Fixed component ordering on paginated pages.
  • Define source language for a glossary.
  • Rewritten support for GitHub and GitLab pull requests.
  • Fixed stats counts after removing suggestion.
  • Extended public user profile.
  • Fixed configuration of enforced checks.
  • Improve documentation about built-in backups.
  • Moved source language attribute from project to a component.
  • Add Vue I18n formatting check.
  • Generic placeholders check now supports regular expressions.
  • Improved look of matrix mode.
  • Machinery is now called automatic suggestions.
  • Added support for interacting with multiple GitLab or GitHub instances.
  • Extended API to cover project updates, unit updates and removals and glossaries.
  • Unit API now properly handles plural strings.
  • Component creation can now handle ZIP file or document upload.
  • Consolidated API response status codes.
  • Support markdown in contributor agreement.
  • Improved source strings tracking.
  • Improved JSON, YAML and CSV formats compatibility.
  • Added support for removing strings.
  • Improved performance of file downloads.
  • Improved repository management view.
  • Automatically enable java-format for Android.
  • Added support for localized screenshots.
  • Added support for Python 3.9.
  • Fixed translating HTML files under certain conditions.

Weblate 4.2.2

Released on September 2nd 2020.

  • Fixed matching of source strings for JSON formats.
  • Fixed login redirect for some authentication configurations.
  • Fixed LDAP authentication with group sync.
  • Fixed crash in reporting automatic translation progress.
  • Fixed Git commit squashing with trailers enabled.
  • Fixed creating local VCS components using API.

Weblate 4.2.1

Released on August 21st 2020.

  • Fixed saving plurals for some locales in Android resources.
  • Fixed crash in the cleanup addon for some XLIFF files.
  • Allow to configure localization CDN in Docker image.

Weblate 4.2

Released on August 18th 2020.

  • Improved user pages and added listing of users.
  • Dropped support for migrating from 3.x releases, migrate through 4.1 or 4.0.
  • Added exports into several monolingual formats.
  • Improved activity charts.
  • Number of displayed nearby strings can be configured.
  • Added support for locking components experiencing repository errors.
  • Simplified main navigation (replaced buttons with icons).
  • Improved language code handling in Google Translate integration.
  • The Git squash addon can generate Co-authored-by: trailers.
  • Improved query search parser.
  • Improved user feedback from format strings checks.
  • Improved performance of bulk state changes.
  • Added compatibility redirects after project or component renaming.
  • Added notifications for strings approval, component locking and license change.
  • Added support for ModernMT.
  • Allow to avoid overwriting approved translations on file upload.
  • Dropped support for some compatibility URL redirects.
  • Added check for ECMAScript template literals.
  • Added option to watch a component.
  • Removed leading dot from JSON unit keys.
  • Removed separate Celery queue for translation memory.
  • Allow translating all components a language at once.
  • Allow to configure Content-Security-Policy HTTP headers.
  • Added support for aliasing languages at project level.
  • New addon to help with HTML or JavaScript localization, see :ref:`addon-weblate.cdn.cdnjs`.
  • The Weblate domain is now configured in the settings, see :setting:`SITE_DOMAIN`.
  • Add support for searching by component and project.

Weblate 4.1.1

Released on June 19th 2020.

  • Fixed changing autofix or addons configuration in Docker.
  • Fixed possible crash in "About" page.
  • Improved installation of byte-compiled locale files.
  • Fixed adding words to glossary.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for machinery.
  • Removed debugging output causing discarding log events in some setups.
  • Fixed lock indication on project listing.
  • Fixed listing GPG keys in some setups.
  • Added option for which DeepL API version to use.
  • Added support for acting as SAML Service Provider, see :ref:`saml-auth`.

Weblate 4.1

Released on June 15th 2020.

  • Added support for creating new translations with included country code.
  • Added support for searching source strings with screenshot.
  • Extended info available in the stats insights.
  • Improved search editing on "Translate" pages.
  • Improve handling of concurrent repository updates.
  • Include source language in project creation form.
  • Include changes count in credits.
  • Fixed UI language selection in some cases.
  • Allow to whitelist registration methods with registrations closed.
  • Improved lookup of related terms in glossary.
  • Improved translation memory matches.
  • Group same machinery results.
  • Add direct link to edit screenshot from translate page.
  • Improved removal confirmation dialog.
  • Include templates in ZIP download.
  • Add support for Markdown and notification configuration in announcements.
  • Extended details in check listings.
  • Added support for new file formats: :ref:`laravel-php`, :ref:`html`, :ref:`odf`, :ref:`idml`, :ref:`winrc`, :ref:`ini`, :ref:`islu`, :ref:`gwt`, :ref:`go-i18n-json`, :ref:`arb`.
  • Consistently use dismissed as state of dismissed checks.
  • Add support for configuring default addons to enable.
  • Fixed editor keyboard shortcut to dismiss checks.
  • Improved machine translation of strings with placeholders.
  • Show ghost translation for user languages to ease starting them.
  • Improved language code parsing.
  • Show translations in user language first in the list.
  • Renamed shapings to more generic name variants.
  • Added new quality checks: :ref:`check-unnamed-format`, :ref:`check-long-untranslated`, :ref:`check-duplicate`.
  • Reintroduced support for wiping translation memory.
  • Fixed option to ignore source checks.
  • Added support for configuring different branch for pushing changes.
  • API now reports rate limiting status in the HTTP headers.
  • Added support for Google Translate V3 API (Advanced).
  • Added ability to restrict access on component level.
  • Added support for whitespace and other special chars in translation flags, see :ref:`custom-checks`.
  • Always show rendered text check if enabled.
  • API now supports filtering of changes.
  • Added support for sharing glossaries between projects.

Weblate 4.0.4

Released on May 07th 2020.

  • Fixed testsuite execution on some Python 3.8 environments.
  • Typo fixes in the documentation.
  • Fixed creating components using API in some cases.
  • Fixed JavaScript errors breaking mobile navigation.
  • Fixed crash on displaying some checks.
  • Fixed screenshots listing.
  • Fixed monthly digest notifications.
  • Fixed intermediate translation behavior with units non existing in translation.

Weblate 4.0.3

Released on May 02nd 2020.

  • Fixed possible crash in reports.
  • User mentions in comments are now case insensitive.
  • Fixed PostgreSQL migration for non superusers.
  • Fixed changing the repository URL while creating component.
  • Fixed crash when upstream repository is gone.

Weblate 4.0.2

Released on April 27th 2020.

  • Improved performance of translation stats.
  • Improved performance of changing labels.
  • Improved bulk edit performance.
  • Improved translation memory performance.
  • Fixed possible crash on component deletion.
  • Fixed displaying of translation changes in some corner cases.
  • Improved warning about too long celery queue.
  • Fixed possible false positives in the consistency check.
  • Fixed deadlock when changing linked component repository.
  • Included edit distance in changes listing and CSV and reports.
  • Avoid false positives of punctuation spacing check for Canadian French.
  • Fixed XLIFF export with placeholders.
  • Fixed false positive with zero width check.
  • Improved reporting of configuration errors.
  • Fixed bilingual source upload.
  • Automatically detect supported languages for DeepL machine translation.
  • Fixed progress bar display in some corner cases.
  • Fixed some checks triggering on non translated strings.

Weblate 4.0.1

Released on April 16th 2020.

  • Fixed package installation from PyPI.

Weblate 4.0

Released on April 16th 2020.

  • Weblate now requires Python 3.6 or newer.
  • Added management overview of component alerts.
  • Added component alert for broken repository browser URLs.
  • Improved sign in and registration pages.
  • Project access control and workflow configuration integrated to project settings.
  • Added check and highlighter for i18next interpolation and nesting.
  • Added check and highlighter for percent placeholders.
  • Display suggestions failing checks.
  • Record source string changes in history.
  • Upgraded Microsoft Translator to version 3 API.
  • Reimplemented translation memory backend.
  • Added support for several is: lookups in :doc:`user/search`.
  • Allow to make :ref:`check-same` avoid internal blacklist.
  • Improved comments extraction from monolingual po files.
  • Renamed whiteboard messages to announcements.
  • Fixed occasional problems with registration mails.
  • Improved LINGUAS update addon to handle more syntax variants.
  • Fixed editing monolingual XLIFF source file.
  • Added support for exact matching in :doc:`user/search`.
  • Extended API to cover screenshots, users, groups, componentlists and extended creating projects.
  • Add support for source upload on bilingual translations.
  • Added support for intermediate language from developers.
  • Added support for source strings review.
  • Extended download options for platform wide translation memory.

Weblate 3.x series

Weblate 3.11.3

Released on March 11th 2020.

  • Fixed searching for fields with certain priority.
  • Fixed predefined query for recently added strings.
  • Fixed searching returning duplicate matches.
  • Fixed notifications rendering in Gmail.
  • Fixed reverting changes from the history.
  • Added links to events in digest notifications.
  • Fixed email for account removal confirmation.
  • Added support for Slack authentication in Docker container.
  • Avoid sending notifications for not subscribed languages.
  • Include Celery queues in performance overview.
  • Fixed documentation links for addons.
  • Reduced false negatives for unchanged translation check.
  • Raised bleach dependency to address CVE-2020-6802.
  • Fixed listing project level changes in history.
  • Fixed stats invalidation in some corner cases.
  • Fixed searching for certain string states.
  • Improved format string checks behavior on missing percent.
  • Fixed authentication using some third party providers.

Weblate 3.11.2

Released on February 22nd 2020.

  • Fixed rendering of suggestions.
  • Fixed some strings wrongly reported as having no words.

Weblate 3.11.1

Released on February 20th 2020.

  • Documented Celery setup changes.
  • Improved filename validation on component creation.
  • Fixed minimal versions of some dependencies.
  • Fixed adding groups with certain Django versions.
  • Fixed manual pushing to upstream repository.
  • Improved glossary matching.

Weblate 3.11

Released on February 17th 2020.

  • Allow using VCS push URL during component creation via API.
  • Rendered width check now shows image with the render.
  • Fixed links in notifications e-mails.
  • Improved look of plaintext e-mails.
  • Display ignored checks and allow to make them active again.
  • Display nearby keys on monolingual translations.
  • Added support for grouping string shapings.
  • Recommend upgrade to new Weblate versions in the system checks.
  • Provide more detailed analysis for duplicate language alert.
  • Include more detailed license info on the project pages.
  • Automatically unshallow local copies if needed.
  • Fixed download of strings needing action.
  • New alert to warn about using the same filemask twice.
  • Improve XML placeables extraction.
  • The :setting:`SINGLE_PROJECT` can now enforce redirection to chosen project.
  • Added option to resolve comments.
  • Added bulk editing of flags.
  • Added support for :ref:`labels`.
  • Added bulk edit addon.
  • Added option for :ref:`enforcing-checks`.
  • Increased default validity of confirmation links.
  • Improved Matomo integration.
  • Fixed :ref:`check-translated` to correctly handle source string change.
  • Extended automatic updates configuration by :setting:`AUTO_UPDATE`.
  • LINGUAS addons now do full sync of translations in Weblate.

Weblate 3.10.3

Released on January 18th 2020.

  • Support for translate-toolkit 2.5.0.

Weblate 3.10.2

Released on January 18th 2020.

  • Add lock indication to projects.
  • Fixed CSS bug causing flickering in some web browsers.
  • Fixed searching on systems with non-English locales.
  • Improved repository matching for GitHub and Bitbucket hooks.
  • Fixed data migration on some Python 2.7 installations.
  • Allow configuration of Git shallow cloning.
  • Improved background notification processing.
  • Fixed broken form submission when navigating back in web browser.
  • New addon to configure YAML formatting.
  • Fixed same plurals check to not fire on single plural form languages.
  • Fixed regex search on some fields.

Weblate 3.10.1

Released on January 9th 2020.

  • Extended API with translation creation.
  • Fixed several corner cases in data migrations.
  • Compatibility with Django 3.0.
  • Improved data cleanup performance.
  • Added support for customizable security.txt.
  • Improved breadcrumbs in changelog.
  • Improved translations listing on dashboard.
  • Improved HTTP responses for webhooks.
  • Added support for GitLab merge requests in Docker container.

Weblate 3.10

Released on December 20th 2019.

  • Improved application user interface.
  • Added doublespace check.
  • Fixed creating new languages.
  • Avoid sending auditlog notifications to deleted e-mails.
  • Added support for read only strings.
  • Added support for Markdown in comments.
  • Allow placing translation instruction text in project info.
  • Add copy to clipboard for secondary languages.
  • Improved support for Mercurial.
  • Improved Git repository fetching performance.
  • Add search lookup for age of string.
  • Show source language for all translations.
  • Show context for nearby strings.
  • Added support for notifications on repository operations.
  • Improved translation listings.
  • Extended search capabilities.
  • Added support for automatic translation strings marked for editing.
  • Avoid sending duplicate notifications for linked component alerts.
  • Improve default merge request message.
  • Better indicate string state in Zen mode.
  • Added support for more languages in Yandex Translate.
  • Improved look of notification e-mails.
  • Provide choice for translation license.

Weblate 3.9.1

Released on October 28th 2019.

  • Remove some unneeded files from backups.
  • Fixed potential crash in reports.
  • Fixed cross database migration failure.
  • Added support for force pushing Git repositories.
  • Reduced risk of registration token invalidation.
  • Fixed account removal hitting rate limiter.
  • Added search based on priority.
  • Fixed possible crash on adding strings to JSON file.
  • Safe HTML check and fixup now honor source string markup.
  • Avoid sending notifications to invited and deleted users.
  • Fix SSL connection to redis in Celery in Docker container.

Weblate 3.9

Released on October 15th 2019.

  • Include Weblate metadata in downloaded files.
  • Improved UI for failing checks.
  • Indicate missing strings in format checks.
  • Separate check for French punctuation spacing.
  • Add support for fixing some of quality checks errors.
  • Add separate permission to create new projects.
  • Extend stats for char counts.
  • Improve support for Java style language codes.
  • Added new generic check for placeholders.
  • Added support for WebExtension JSON placeholders.
  • Added support for flat XML format.
  • Extended API with project, component and translation removal and creation.
  • Added support for Gitea and Gitee webhooks.
  • Added new custom regex based check.
  • Allow to configure contributing to shared translation memory.
  • Added ZIP download for more translation files.
  • Make XLIFF standard compliant parsing of maxwidth and font.
  • Added new check and fixer for safe HTML markup for translating web applications.
  • Add component alert on unsupported configuration.
  • Added automatic translation addon to bootstrap translations.
  • Extend automatic translation to add suggestions.
  • Display addon parameters on overview.
  • Sentry is now supported through modern Sentry SDK instead of Raven.
  • Changed example settings to be better fit for production environment.
  • Added automated backups using BorgBackup.
  • Split cleanup addon for RESX to avoid unwanted file updates.
  • Added advanced search capabilities.
  • Allow users to download their own reports.
  • Added localization guide to help configuring components.
  • Added support for GitLab merge requests.
  • Improved display of repository status.
  • Perform automated translation in the background.

Weblate 3.8

Released on August 15th 2019.

  • Added support for simplified creating of similar components.
  • Added support for parsing translation flags from the XML based file formats.
  • Log exceptions into Celery log.
  • Improve performance of repository scoped addons.
  • Improved look of notification e-mails.
  • Fixed password reset behavior.
  • Improved performance on most of translation pages.
  • Fixed listing of languages not known to Weblate.
  • Add support for cloning addons to discovered components.
  • Add support for replacing file content with uploaded.
  • Add support for translating non VCS based content.
  • Added OpenGraph widget image to use on social networks.
  • Added support for animated screenshots.
  • Improved handling of monolingual XLIFF files.
  • Avoid sending multiple notifications for single event.
  • Add support for filtering changes.
  • Extended predefined periods for reporting.
  • Added webhook support for Azure Repos.
  • New opt-in notifications on pending suggestions or untranslated strings.
  • Add one click unsubscribe link to notification e-mails.
  • Fixed false positives with Has been translated check.
  • New management interface for admins.
  • String priority can now be specified using flags.
  • Added language management views.
  • Add checks for Qt library and Ruby format strings.
  • Added configuration to better fit single project installations.
  • Notify about new string on source string change on monolingual translations.
  • Added separate view for translation memory with search capability.

Weblate 3.7.1

Released on June 28th 2019.

  • Documentation updates.
  • Fixed some requirements constraints.
  • Updated language database.
  • Localization updates.
  • Various user interface tweaks.
  • Improved handling of unsupported but discovered translation files.
  • More verbosely report missing file format requirements.

Weblate 3.7

Released on June 21st 2019.

  • Added separate Celery queue for notifications.
  • Use consistent look with application for API browsing.
  • Include approved stats in the reports.
  • Report progress when updating translation component.
  • Allow to abort running background component update.
  • Extend template language for filename manipulations.
  • Use templates for editor link and repository browser URL.
  • Indicate max length and current characters count when editing translation.
  • Improved handling of abbreviations in unchanged translation check.
  • Refreshed landing page for new contributors.
  • Add support for configuring msgmerge addon.
  • Delay opening SMTP connection when sending notifications.
  • Improved error logging.
  • Allow custom location in MO generating addon.
  • Added addons to cleanup old suggestions or comments.
  • Added option to enable horizontal mode in the Zen editor.
  • Improved import performance with many linked components.
  • Fixed examples installation in some cases.
  • Improved rendering of alerts in changes.
  • Added new horizontal stats widget.
  • Improved format strings check on plurals.
  • Added font management tool.
  • New check for rendered text dimensions.
  • Added support for subtitle formats.
  • Include overall completion stats for languages.
  • Added reporting at project and global scope.
  • Improved user interface when showing translation status.
  • New Weblate logo and color scheme.
  • New look of bitmap badges.

Weblate 3.6.1

Released on April 26th 2019.

  • Improved handling of monolingual XLIFF files.
  • Fixed digest notifications in some corner cases.
  • Fixed addon script error alert.
  • Fixed generating MO file for monolingual PO files.
  • Fixed display of uninstalled checks.
  • Indicate administered projects on project listing.
  • Allow update to recover from missing VCS repository.

Weblate 3.6

Released on April 20th 2019.

  • Add support for downloading user data.
  • Addons are now automatically triggered upon installation.
  • Improved instructions for resolving merge conflicts.
  • Cleanup addon is now compatible with app store metadata translations.
  • Configurable language code syntax when adding new translations.
  • Warn about using Python 2 with planned termination of support in April 2020.
  • Extract special characters from the source string for visual keyboard.
  • Extended contributor stats to reflect both source and target counts.
  • Admins and consistency addons can now add translations even if disabled for users.
  • Fixed description of toggle disabling Language-Team header manipulation.
  • Notify users mentioned in comments.
  • Removed file format autodetection from component setup.
  • Fixed generating MO file for monolingual PO files.
  • Added digest notifications.
  • Added support for muting component notifications.
  • Added notifications for new alerts, whiteboard messages or components.
  • Notifications for administered projects can now be configured.
  • Improved handling of three letter language codes.

Weblate 3.5.1

Released on March 10th 2019.

  • Fixed Celery systemd unit example.
  • Fixed notifications from HTTP repositories with login.
  • Fixed race condition in editing source string for monolingual translations.
  • Include output of failed addon execution in the logs.
  • Improved validation of choices for adding new language.
  • Allow to edit file format in component settings.
  • Update installation instructions to prefer Python 3.
  • Performance and consistency improvements for loading translations.
  • Make Microsoft Terminology service compatible with current Zeep releases.
  • Localization updates.

Weblate 3.5

Released on March 3rd 2019.

  • Improved performance of built-in translation memory.
  • Added interface to manage global translation memory.
  • Improved alerting on bad component state.
  • Added user interface to manage whiteboard messages.
  • Addon commit message now can be configured.
  • Reduce number of commits when updating upstream repository.
  • Fixed possible metadata loss when moving component between projects.
  • Improved navigation in the Zen mode.
  • Added several new quality checks (Markdown related and URL).
  • Added support for app store metadata files.
  • Added support for toggling GitHub or Gerrit integration.
  • Added check for Kashida letters.
  • Added option to squash commits based on authors.
  • Improved support for XLSX file format.
  • Compatibility with Tesseract 4.0.
  • Billing addon now removes projects for unpaid billings after 45 days.

Weblate 3.4

Released on January 22nd 2019.

  • Added support for XLIFF placeholders.
  • Celery can now utilize multiple task queues.
  • Added support for renaming and moving projects and components.
  • Include characters counts in reports.
  • Added guided adding of translation components with automatic detection of translation files.
  • Customizable merge commit messages for Git.
  • Added visual indication of component alerts in navigation.
  • Improved performance of loading translation files.
  • New addon to squash commits prior to push.
  • Improved displaying of translation changes.
  • Changed default merge style to rebase and made that configurable.
  • Better handle private use subtags in language code.
  • Improved performance of fulltext index updates.
  • Extended file upload API to support more parameters.

Weblate 3.3

Released on November 30th 2018.

  • Added support for component and project removal.
  • Improved performance for some monolingual translations.
  • Added translation component alerts to highlight problems with a translation.
  • Expose XLIFF string resname as context when available.
  • Added support for XLIFF states.
  • Added check for non writable files in DATA_DIR.
  • Improved CSV export for changes.

Weblate 3.2.2

Released on October 20th 2018.

  • Remove no longer needed Babel dependency.
  • Updated language definitions.
  • Improve documentation for addons, LDAP and Celery.
  • Fixed enabling new dos-eol and auto-java-messageformat flags.
  • Fixed running test from PyPI package.
  • Improved plurals handling.
  • Fixed translation upload API failure in some corner cases.
  • Fixed updating Git configuration in case it was changed manually.

Weblate 3.2.1

Released on October 10th 2018.

  • Document dependency on backports.csv on Python 2.7.
  • Fix running tests under root.
  • Improved error handling in gitexport module.
  • Fixed progress reporting for newly added languages.
  • Correctly report Celery worker errors to Sentry.
  • Fixed creating new translations with Qt Linguist.
  • Fixed occasional fulltext index update failures.
  • Improved validation when creating new components.
  • Added support for cleanup of old suggestions.

Weblate 3.2

Released on October 6th 2018.

  • Add install_addon management command for automated addon installation.
  • Allow more fine grained ratelimit settings.
  • Added support for export and import of Excel files.
  • Improve component cleanup in case of multiple component discovery addons.
  • Rewritten Microsoft Terminology machine translation backend.
  • Weblate now uses Celery to offload some processing.
  • Improved search capabilities and added regular expression search.
  • Added support for Youdao Zhiyun API machine translation.
  • Added support for Baidu API machine translation.
  • Integrated maintenance and cleanup tasks using Celery.
  • Improved performance of loading translations by almost 25%.
  • Removed support for merging headers on upload.
  • Removed support for custom commit messages.
  • Configurable editing mode (zen/full).
  • Added support for error reporting to Sentry.
  • Added support for automated daily update of repositories.
  • Added support for creating projects and components by users.
  • Built in translation memory now automatically stores translations done.
  • Users and projects can import their existing translation memories.
  • Better management of related strings for screenshots.
  • Added support for checking Java MessageFormat.

See 3.2 milestone on GitHub for detailed list of addressed issues.

Weblate 3.1.1

Released on July 27th 2018.

  • Fix testsuite failure on some setups.

Weblate 3.1

Released on July 27th 2018.

  • Upgrades from older version than 3.0.1 are not supported.
  • Allow to override default commit messages from settings.
  • Improve webhooks compatibility with self hosted environments.
  • Added support for Amazon Translate.
  • Compatibility with Django 2.1.
  • Django system checks are now used to diagnose problems with installation.
  • Removed support for soon shutdown libravatar service.
  • New addon to mark unchanged translations as needing edit.
  • Add support for jumping to specific location while translating.
  • Downloaded translations can now be customized.
  • Improved calculation of string similarity in translation memory matches.
  • Added support by signing Git commits by GnuPG.

Weblate 3.0.1

Released on June 10th 2018.

  • Fixed possible migration issue from 2.20.
  • Localization updates.
  • Removed obsolete hook examples.
  • Improved caching documentation.
  • Fixed displaying of admin documentation.
  • Improved handling of long language names.

Weblate 3.0

Released on June 1st 2018.

  • Rewritten access control.
  • Several code cleanups that lead to moved and renamed modules.
  • New addon for automatic component discovery.
  • The import_project management command has now slightly different parameters.
  • Added basic support for Windows RC files.
  • New addon to store contributor names in PO file headers.
  • The per component hook scripts are removed, use addons instead.
  • Add support for collecting contributor agreements.
  • Access control changes are now tracked in history.
  • New addon to ensure all components in a project have same translations.
  • Support for more variables in commit message templates.
  • Add support for providing additional textual context.

Weblate 2.x series

Weblate 2.20

Released on April 4th 2018.

  • Improved speed of cloning subversion repositories.
  • Changed repository locking to use third party library.
  • Added support for downloading only strings needing action.
  • Added support for searching in several languages at once.
  • New addon to configure gettext output wrapping.
  • New addon to configure JSON formatting.
  • Added support for authentication in API using RFC 6750 compatible Bearer authentication.
  • Added support for automatic translation using machine translation services.
  • Added support for HTML markup in whiteboard messages.
  • Added support for mass changing state of strings.
  • Translate-toolkit at least 2.3.0 is now required, older versions are no longer supported.
  • Added built in translation memory.
  • Added componentlists overview to dashboard and per component list overview pages.
  • Added support for DeepL machine translation service.
  • Machine translation results are now cached inside Weblate.
  • Added support for reordering committed changes.

Weblate 2.19.1

Released on February 20th 2018.

  • Fixed migration issue on upgrade from 2.18.
  • Improved file upload API validation.

Weblate 2.19

Released on February 15th 2018.

  • Fixed imports across some file formats.
  • Display human friendly browser information in audit log.
  • Added TMX exporter for files.
  • Various performance improvements for loading translation files.
  • Added option to disable access management in Weblate in favor of Django one.
  • Improved glossary lookup speed for large strings.
  • Compatibility with django_auth_ldap 1.3.0.
  • Configuration errors are now stored and reported persistently.
  • Honor ignore flags in whitespace autofixer.
  • Improved compatibility with some Subversion setups.
  • Improved built in machine translation service.
  • Added support for SAP Translation Hub service.
  • Added support for Microsoft Terminology service.
  • Removed support for advertisement in notification e-mails.
  • Improved translation progress reporting at language level.
  • Improved support for different plural formulas.
  • Added support for Subversion repositories not using stdlayout.
  • Added addons to customize translation workflows.

Weblate 2.18

Released on December 15th 2017.

  • Extended contributor stats.
  • Improved configuration of special characters virtual keyboard.
  • Added support for DTD file format.
  • Changed keyboard shortcuts to less likely collide with browser/system ones.
  • Improved support for approved flag in XLIFF files.
  • Added support for not wrapping long strings in gettext PO files.
  • Added button to copy permalink for current translation.
  • Dropped support for Django 1.10 and added support for Django 2.0.
  • Removed locking of translations while translating.
  • Added support for adding new strings to monolingual translations.
  • Added support for translation workflows with dedicated reviewers.

Weblate 2.17.1

Released on October 13th 2017.

  • Fixed running testsuite in some specific situations.
  • Locales updates.

Weblate 2.17

Released on October 13th 2017.

  • Weblate by default does shallow Git clones now.
  • Improved performance when updating large translation files.
  • Added support for blocking certain e-mails from registration.
  • Users can now delete their own comments.
  • Added preview step to search and replace feature.
  • Client side persistence of settings in search and upload forms.
  • Extended search capabilities.
  • More fine grained per project ACL configuration.
  • Default value of BASE_DIR has been changed.
  • Added two step account removal to prevent accidental removal.
  • Project access control settings is now editable.
  • Added optional spam protection for suggestions using Akismet.

Weblate 2.16

Released on August 11th 2017.

  • Various performance improvements.
  • Added support for nested JSON format.
  • Added support for WebExtension JSON format.
  • Fixed git exporter authentication.
  • Improved CSV import in certain situations.
  • Improved look of Other translations widget.
  • The max-length checks is now enforcing length of text in form.
  • Make the commit_pending age configurable per component.
  • Various user interface cleanups.
  • Fixed component/project/site wide search for translations.

Weblate 2.15

Released on June 30th 2017.

  • Show more related translations in other translations.
  • Add option to see translations of current string to other languages.
  • Use 4 plural forms for Lithuanian by default.
  • Fixed upload for monolingual files of different format.
  • Improved error messages on failed authentication.
  • Keep page state when removing word from glossary.
  • Added direct link to edit secondary language translation.
  • Added Perl format quality check.
  • Added support for rejecting reused passwords.
  • Extended toolbar for editing RTL languages.

Weblate 2.14.1

Released on May 24th 2017.

  • Fixed possible error when paginating search results.
  • Fixed migrations from older versions in some corner cases.
  • Fixed possible CSRF on project watch and unwatch.
  • The password reset no longer authenticates user.
  • Fixed possible CAPTCHA bypass on forgotten password.

Weblate 2.14

Released on May 17th 2017.

  • Add glossary entries using AJAX.
  • The logout now uses POST to avoid CSRF.
  • The API key token reset now uses POST to avoid CSRF.
  • Weblate sets Content-Security-Policy by default.
  • The local editor URL is validated to avoid self-XSS.
  • The password is now validated against common flaws by default.
  • Notify users about important activity with their account such as password change.
  • The CSV exports now escape potential formulas.
  • Various minor improvements in security.
  • The authentication attempts are now rate limited.
  • Suggestion content is stored in the history.
  • Store important account activity in audit log.
  • Ask for password confirmation when removing account or adding new associations.
  • Show time when suggestion has been made.
  • There is new quality check for trailing semicolon.
  • Ensure that search links can be shared.
  • Included source string information and screenshots in the API.
  • Allow to overwrite translations through API upload.

Weblate 2.13.1

Released on Apr 12th 2017.

  • Fixed listing of managed projects in profile.
  • Fixed migration issue where some permissions were missing.
  • Fixed listing of current file format in translation download.
  • Return HTTP 404 when trying to access project where user lacks privileges.

Weblate 2.13

Released on Apr 12th 2017.

  • Fixed quality checks on translation templates.
  • Added quality check to trigger on losing translation.
  • Add option to view pending suggestions from user.
  • Add option to automatically build component lists.
  • Default dashboard for unauthenticated users can be configured.
  • Add option to browse 25 random strings for review.
  • History now indicates string change.
  • Better error reporting when adding new translation.
  • Added per language search within project.
  • Group ACLs can now be limited to certain permissions.
  • The per project ALCs are now implemented using Group ACL.
  • Added more fine grained privileges control.
  • Various minor UI improvements.

Weblate 2.12

Released on Mar 3rd 2017.

  • Improved admin interface for groups.
  • Added support for Yandex Translate API.
  • Improved speed of site wide search.
  • Added project and component wide search.
  • Added project and component wide search and replace.
  • Improved rendering of inconsistent translations.
  • Added support for opening source files in local editor.
  • Added support for configuring visual keyboard with special characters.
  • Improved screenshot management with OCR support for matching source strings.
  • Default commit message now includes translation information and URL.
  • Added support for Joomla translation format.
  • Improved reliability of import across file formats.

Weblate 2.11

Released on Jan 31st 2017.

  • Include language detailed information on language page.
  • Mercurial backend improvements.
  • Added option to specify translation component priority.
  • More consistent usage of Group ACL even with less used permissions.
  • Added WL_BRANCH variable to hook scripts.
  • Improved developer documentation.
  • Better compatibility with various Git versions in Git exporter addon.
  • Included per project and component stats.
  • Added language code mapping for better support of Microsoft Translate API.
  • Moved fulltext cleanup to background job to make translation removal faster.
  • Fixed displaying of plural source for languages with single plural form.
  • Improved error handling in import_project.
  • Various performance improvements.

Weblate 2.10.1

Released on Jan 20th 2017.

  • Do not leak account existence on password reset form (CVE-2017-5537).

Weblate 2.10

Released on Dec 15th 2016.

  • Added quality check to check whether plurals are translated differently.
  • Fixed GitHub hooks for repositories with authentication.
  • Added optional Git exporter module.
  • Support for Microsoft Cognitive Services Translator API.
  • Simplified project and component user interface.
  • Added automatic fix to remove control characters.
  • Added per language overview to project.
  • Added support for CSV export.
  • Added CSV download for stats.
  • Added matrix view for quick overview of all translations
  • Added basic API for changes and strings.
  • Added support for Apertium APy server for machine translations.

Weblate 2.9

Released on Nov 4th 2016.

  • Extended parameters for createadmin management command.
  • Extended import_json to be able to handle with existing components.
  • Added support for YAML files.
  • Project owners can now configure translation component and project details.
  • Use "Watched" instead of "Subscribed" projects.
  • Projects can be watched directly from project page.
  • Added multi language status widget.
  • Highlight secondary language if not showing source.
  • Record suggestion deletion in history.
  • Improved UX of languages selection in profile.
  • Fixed showing whiteboard messages for component.
  • Keep preferences tab selected after saving.
  • Show source string comment more prominently.
  • Automatically install Gettext PO merge driver for Git repositories.
  • Added search and replace feature.
  • Added support for uploading visual context (screenshots) for translations.

Weblate 2.8

Released on Aug 31st 2016.

  • Documentation improvements.
  • Translations.
  • Updated bundled javascript libraries.
  • Added list_translators management command.
  • Django 1.8 is no longer supported.
  • Fixed compatibility with Django 1.10.
  • Added Subversion support.
  • Separated XML validity check from XML mismatched tags.
  • Fixed API to honor HIDE_REPO_CREDENTIALS settings.
  • Show source change in Zen mode.
  • Alt+PageUp/PageDown/Home/End now works in Zen mode as well.
  • Add tooltip showing exact time of changes.
  • Add option to select filters and search from translation page.
  • Added UI for translation removal.
  • Improved behavior when inserting placeables.
  • Fixed auto locking issues in Zen mode.

Weblate 2.7

Released on Jul 10th 2016.

  • Removed Google web translate machine translation.
  • Improved commit message when adding translation.
  • Fixed Google Translate API for Hebrew language.
  • Compatibility with Mercurial 3.8.
  • Added import_json management command.
  • Correct ordering of listed translations.
  • Show full suggestion text, not only a diff.
  • Extend API (detailed repository status, statistics, …).
  • Testsuite no longer requires network access to test repositories.

Weblate 2.6

Released on Apr 28th 2016.

  • Fixed validation of components with language filter.
  • Improved support for XLIFF files.
  • Fixed machine translation for non English sources.
  • Added REST API.
  • Django 1.10 compatibility.
  • Added categories to whiteboard messages.

Weblate 2.5

Released on Mar 10th 2016.

  • Fixed automatic translation for project owners.
  • Improved performance of commit and push operations.
  • New management command to add suggestions from command line.
  • Added support for merging comments on file upload.
  • Added support for some GNU extensions to C printf format.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Added support for generating translator credits.
  • Added support for generating contributor stats.
  • Site wide search can search only in one language.
  • Improve quality checks for Armenian.
  • Support for starting translation components without existing translations.
  • Support for adding new translations in Qt TS.
  • Improved support for translating PHP files.
  • Performance improvements for quality checks.
  • Fixed site wide search for failing checks.
  • Added option to specify source language.
  • Improved support for XLIFF files.
  • Extended list of options for import_project.
  • Improved targeting for whiteboard messages.
  • Support for automatic translation across projects.
  • Optimized fulltext search index.
  • Added management command for auto translation.
  • Added placeables highlighting.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for placeables, checks and machine translations.
  • Improved translation locking.
  • Added quality check for AngularJS interpolation.
  • Added extensive group based ACLs.
  • Clarified terminology on strings needing review (formerly fuzzy).
  • Clarified terminology on strings needing action and not translated strings.
  • Support for Python 3.
  • Dropped support for Django 1.7.
  • Dropped dependency on msginit for creating new gettext PO files.
  • Added configurable dashboard views.
  • Improved notifications on parse errors.
  • Added option to import components with duplicate name to import_project.
  • Improved support for translating PHP files
  • Added XLIFF export for dictionary.
  • Added XLIFF and gettext PO export for all translations.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Added support for configurable automatic group assignments.
  • Improved adding of new translations.

Weblate 2.4

Released on Sep 20th 2015.

  • Improved support for PHP files.
  • Ability to add ACL to anonymous user.
  • Improved configurability of import_project command.
  • Added CSV dump of history.
  • Avoid copy/paste errors with whitespace characters.
  • Added support for Bitbucket webhooks.
  • Tighter control on fuzzy strings on translation upload.
  • Several URLs have changed, you might have to update your bookmarks.
  • Hook scripts are executed with VCS root as current directory.
  • Hook scripts are executed with environment variables describing current component.
  • Add management command to optimize fulltext index.
  • Added support for error reporting to Rollbar.
  • Projects now can have multiple owners.
  • Project owners can manage themselves.
  • Added support for javascript-format used in gettext PO.
  • Support for adding new translations in XLIFF.
  • Improved file format autodetection.
  • Extended keyboard shortcuts.
  • Improved dictionary matching for several languages.
  • Improved layout of most of pages.
  • Support for adding words to dictionary while translating.
  • Added support for filtering languages to be managed by Weblate.
  • Added support for translating and importing CSV files.
  • Rewritten handling of static files.
  • Direct login/registration links to third-party service if that's the only one.
  • Commit pending changes on account removal.
  • Add management command to change site name.
  • Add option to configure default committer.
  • Add hook after adding new translation.
  • Add option to specify multiple files to add to commit.

Weblate 2.3

Released on May 22nd 2015.

  • Dropped support for Django 1.6 and South migrations.
  • Support for adding new translations when using Java Property files
  • Allow to accept suggestion without editing.
  • Improved support for Google OAuth 2.0
  • Added support for Microsoft .resx files.
  • Tuned default robots.txt to disallow big crawling of translations.
  • Simplified workflow for accepting suggestions.
  • Added project owners who always receive important notifications.
  • Allow to disable editing of monolingual template.
  • More detailed repository status view.
  • Direct link for editing template when changing translation.
  • Allow to add more permissions to project owners.
  • Allow to show secondary language in Zen mode.
  • Support for hiding source string in favor of secondary language.

Weblate 2.2

Released on Feb 19th 2015.

  • Performance improvements.
  • Fulltext search on location and comments fields.
  • New SVG/javascript based activity charts.
  • Support for Django 1.8.
  • Support for deleting comments.
  • Added own SVG badge.
  • Added support for Google Analytics.
  • Improved handling of translation filenames.
  • Added support for monolingual JSON translations.
  • Record component locking in a history.
  • Support for editing source (template) language for monolingual translations.
  • Added basic support for Gerrit.

Weblate 2.1

Released on Dec 5th 2014.

  • Added support for Mercurial repositories.
  • Replaced Glyphicon font by Awesome.
  • Added icons for social authentication services.
  • Better consistency of button colors and icons.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Various bugfixes.
  • Automatic hiding of columns in translation listing for small screens.
  • Changed configuration of filesystem paths.
  • Improved SSH keys handling and storage.
  • Improved repository locking.
  • Customizable quality checks per source string.
  • Allow to hide completed translations from dashboard.

Weblate 2.0

Released on Nov 6th 2014.

  • New responsive UI using Bootstrap.
  • Rewritten VCS backend.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Added whiteboard for site wide messages.
  • Configurable strings priority.
  • Added support for JSON file format.
  • Fixed generating mo files in certain cases.
  • Added support for GitLab notifications.
  • Added support for disabling translation suggestions.
  • Django 1.7 support.
  • ACL projects now have user management.
  • Extended search possibilities.
  • Give more hints to translators about plurals.
  • Fixed Git repository locking.
  • Compatibility with older Git versions.
  • Improved ACL support.
  • Added buttons for per language quotes and other special characters.
  • Support for exporting stats as JSONP.

Weblate 1.x series

Weblate 1.9

Released on May 6th 2014.

  • Django 1.6 compatibility.
  • No longer maintained compatibility with Django 1.4.
  • Management commands for locking/unlocking translations.
  • Improved support for Qt TS files.
  • Users can now delete their account.
  • Avatars can be disabled.
  • Merged first and last name attributes.
  • Avatars are now fetched and cached server side.
  • Added support for badge.

Weblate 1.8

Released on November 7th 2013.

  • Please check manual for upgrade instructions.
  • Nicer listing of project summary.
  • Better visible options for sharing.
  • More control over anonymous users privileges.
  • Supports login using third party services, check manual for more details.
  • Users can login by e-mail instead of username.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Improved source strings review.
  • Searching across all strings.
  • Better tracking of source strings.
  • Captcha protection for registration.

Weblate 1.7

Released on October 7th 2013.

  • Please check manual for upgrade instructions.
  • Support for checking Python brace format string.
  • Per component customization of quality checks.
  • Detailed per translation stats.
  • Changed way of linking suggestions, checks and comments to strings.
  • Users can now add text to commit message.
  • Support for subscribing on new language requests.
  • Support for adding new translations.
  • Widgets and charts are now rendered using Pillow instead of Pango + Cairo.
  • Add status badge widget.
  • Dropped invalid text direction check.
  • Changes in dictionary are now logged in history.
  • Performance improvements for translating view.

Weblate 1.6

Released on July 25th 2013.

  • Nicer error handling on registration.
  • Browsing of changes.
  • Fixed sorting of machine translation suggestions.
  • Improved support for MyMemory machine translation.
  • Added support for Amagama machine translation.
  • Various optimizations on frequently used pages.
  • Highlights searched phrase in search results.
  • Support for automatic fixups while saving the message.
  • Tracking of translation history and option to revert it.
  • Added support for Google Translate API.
  • Added support for managing SSH host keys.
  • Various form validation improvements.
  • Various quality checks improvements.
  • Performance improvements for import.
  • Added support for voting on suggestions.
  • Cleanup of admin interface.

Weblate 1.5

Released on April 16th 2013.

  • Please check manual for upgrade instructions.
  • Added public user pages.
  • Better naming of plural forms.
  • Added support for TBX export of glossary.
  • Added support for Bitbucket notifications.
  • Activity charts are now available for each translation, language or user.
  • Extended options of import_project admin command.
  • Compatible with Django 1.5.
  • Avatars are now shown using libravatar.
  • Added possibility to pretty print JSON export.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Indicate failing checks or fuzzy strings in progress bars for projects or languages as well.
  • Added support for custom pre-commit hooks and committing additional files.
  • Rewritten search for better performance and user experience.
  • New interface for machine translations.
  • Added support for monolingual po files.
  • Extend amount of cached metadata to improve speed of various searches.
  • Now shows word counts as well.

Weblate 1.4

Released on January 23rd 2013.

  • Fixed deleting of checks/comments on string deletion.
  • Added option to disable automatic propagation of translations.
  • Added option to subscribe for merge failures.
  • Correctly import on projects which needs custom ttkit loader.
  • Added sitemaps to allow easier access by crawlers.
  • Provide direct links to string in notification e-mails or feeds.
  • Various improvements to admin interface.
  • Provide hints for production setup in admin interface.
  • Added per language widgets and engage page.
  • Improved translation locking handling.
  • Show code snippets for widgets in more variants.
  • Indicate failing checks or fuzzy strings in progress bars.
  • More options for formatting commit message.
  • Fixed error handling with machine translation services.
  • Improved automatic translation locking behaviour.
  • Support for showing changes from previous source string.
  • Added support for substring search.
  • Various quality checks improvements.
  • Support for per project ACL.
  • Basic string tests coverage.

Weblate 1.3

Released on November 16th 2012.

  • Compatibility with PostgreSQL database backend.
  • Removes languages removed in upstream git repository.
  • Improved quality checks processing.
  • Added new checks (BB code, XML markup and newlines).
  • Support for optional rebasing instead of merge.
  • Possibility to relocate Weblate (for example to run it under /weblate path).
  • Support for manually choosing file type in case autodetection fails.
  • Better support for Android resources.
  • Support for generating SSH key from web interface.
  • More visible data exports.
  • New buttons to enter some special characters.
  • Support for exporting dictionary.
  • Support for locking down whole Weblate installation.
  • Checks for source strings and support for source strings review.
  • Support for user comments for both translations and source strings.
  • Better changes log tracking.
  • Changes can now be monitored using RSS.
  • Improved support for RTL languages.

Weblate 1.2

Released on August 14th 2012.

  • Weblate now uses South for database migration, please check upgrade instructions if you are upgrading.
  • Fixed minor issues with linked git repos.
  • New introduction page for engaging people with translating using Weblate.
  • Added widgets which can be used for promoting translation projects.
  • Added option to reset repository to origin (for privileged users).
  • Project or component can now be locked for translations.
  • Possibility to disable some translations.
  • Configurable options for adding new translations.
  • Configuration of git commits per project.
  • Simple antispam protection.
  • Better layout of main page.
  • Support for automatically pushing changes on every commit.
  • Support for e-mail notifications of translators.
  • List only used languages in preferences.
  • Improved handling of not known languages when importing project.
  • Support for locking translation by translator.
  • Optionally maintain Language-Team header in po file.
  • Include some statistics in about page.
  • Supports (and requires) django-registration 0.8.
  • Caching of counted strings with failing checks.
  • Checking of requirements during setup.
  • Documentation improvements.

Weblate 1.1

Released on July 4th 2012.

  • Improved several translations.
  • Better validation while creating component.
  • Added support for shared git repositories across components.
  • Do not necessary commit on every attempt to pull remote repo.
  • Added support for offloading indexing.

Weblate 1.0

Released on May 10th 2012.

  • Improved validation while adding/saving component.
  • Experimental support for Android component files (needs patched ttkit).
  • Updates from hooks are run in background.
  • Improved installation instructions.
  • Improved navigation in dictionary.

Weblate 0.x series

Weblate 0.9

Released on April 18th 2012.

  • Fixed import of unknown languages.
  • Improved listing of nearby messages.
  • Improved several checks.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Added definition for several more languages.
  • Various code cleanups.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Changed file layout.
  • Update helper scripts to Django 1.4.
  • Improved navigation while translating.
  • Better handling of po file renames.
  • Better validation while creating component.
  • Integrated full setup into syncdb.
  • Added list of recent changes to all translation pages.
  • Check for not translated strings ignores format string only messages.

Weblate 0.8

Released on April 3rd 2012.

  • Replaced own full text search with Whoosh.
  • Various fixes and improvements to checks.
  • New command updatechecks.
  • Lot of translation updates.
  • Added dictionary for storing most frequently used terms.
  • Added /admin/report/ for overview of repositories status.
  • Machine translation services no longer block page loading.
  • Management interface now contains also useful actions to update data.
  • Records log of changes made by users.
  • Ability to postpone commit to Git to generate less commits from single user.
  • Possibility to browse failing checks.
  • Automatic translation using already translated strings.
  • New about page showing used versions.
  • Django 1.4 compatibility.
  • Ability to push changes to remote repo from web interface.
  • Added review of translations done by others.

Weblate 0.7

Released on February 16th 2012.

  • Direct support for GitHub notifications.
  • Added support for cleaning up orphaned checks and translations.
  • Displays nearby strings while translating.
  • Displays similar strings while translating.
  • Improved searching for string.

Weblate 0.6

Released on February 14th 2012.

  • Added various checks for translated messages.
  • Tunable access control.
  • Improved handling of translations with new lines.
  • Added client side sorting of tables.
  • Please check upgrading instructions in case you are upgrading.

Weblate 0.5

Released on February 12th 2012.

  • Support for machine translation using following online services:
    • Apertium
    • Microsoft Translator
    • MyMemory
  • Several new translations.
  • Improved merging of upstream changes.
  • Better handle concurrent git pull and translation.
  • Propagating works for fuzzy changes as well.
  • Propagating works also for file upload.
  • Fixed file downloads while using FastCGI (and possibly others).

Weblate 0.4

Released on February 8th 2012.

  • Added usage guide to documentation.
  • Fixed API hooks not to require CSRF protection.

Weblate 0.3

Released on February 8th 2012.

  • Better display of source for plural translations.
  • New documentation in Sphinx format.
  • Displays secondary languages while translating.
  • Improved error page to give list of existing projects.
  • New per language stats.

Weblate 0.2

Released on February 7th 2012.

  • Improved validation of several forms.
  • Warn users on profile upgrade.
  • Remember URL for login.
  • Naming of text areas while entering plural forms.
  • Automatic expanding of translation area.

Weblate 0.1

Released on February 6th 2012.

  • Initial release.
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