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.. index::
    single: Python
    single: API

Weblate's Python API


The Python API is shipped separately, you need to install :ref:`wlc`:, wlc, to have it.

pip install wlc


.. module:: wlc
    :synopsis: Weblate API


.. exception:: WeblateException

    Base class for all exceptions.


param key:User key
type key:str
param url:API server URL, if not specified default is used
type url:str
param config:Configuration object, overrides any other parameters.
type config:WeblateConfig

Access class to the API, define API key and optionally API URL.

.. method:: get(path)

    :param path: Request path
    :type path: str
    :rtype: object

    Performs single API GET call.

.. method:: post(path, **kwargs)

    :param path: Request path
    :type path: str
    :rtype: object

    Performs single API GET call.


.. module:: wlc.config
    :synopsis: Configuration parsing


param section:Configuration section to use
type section:str

Configuration file parser following XDG specification.

.. method:: load(path=None)

    :param path: Path from which to load configuration.
    :type path: str

    Loads configuration from a file, if none is specified it loads from
    `wlc` configuration file placed in XDG configuration path
    (:file:`~/.config/wlc` and :file:`/etc/xdg/wlc`).


.. module:: wlc.main
    :synopsis: Command line interface

.. function:: main(settings=None, stdout=None, args=None)

    :param settings: settings to override as list of tuples
    :type settings: list
    :param stdout: stdout file object for printing output, uses ``sys.stdout`` as default
    :type stdout: object
    :param args: command line arguments to process, uses ``sys.args`` as default
    :type args: list

    Main entry point for command line interface.

.. decorator:: register_command(command)

    Decorator to register :class:`Command` class in main parser used by


Main class for invoking commands.