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.well-known Keybase.io proof Oct 29, 2014
locale Translated using Weblate (Norwegian Bokmål) Jun 17, 2018
scripts Correctly map language code Oct 11, 2016
weblate_web Spelling: Chosen users Jun 15, 2018
.coveragerc Remove unused settings Aug 5, 2016
.gitignore Switch to Bootstrap May 4, 2015
.landscape.yaml Enable PEP-8 checks on landscape Jul 20, 2016
.weblate Add wlc configuration May 26, 2016
README.md Change links to WeblateOrg Dec 12, 2016
requirements-test.txt Remove no longer needed restriction on pylint version Feb 14, 2018
requirements.txt No Django 2.0 for now Dec 15, 2017
tox.ini Use pycodestyle instead of pep8 Feb 14, 2018