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Joomla Backup Manager
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Backup Manager for Joomla

This NodeJS package is meant to be a quick and easy way to manage the backups of your joomla sites from a single place. It relies on the awesome AkeebaBackup JSON API for the actual backup process. Take a look at the features for a list of the amazing things that this software can do for you.


Using npm:

npm install jbackupmanager

You can also clone this repository into a directory and start working


  • List all the Backups you want to take from a nice UI.
  • Schedule the Backups anytime
  • Download any backup file locally, even from Amazon S3
  • Know when the next backup will be triggered
  • Keep old backups, based on a quota limit
  • Download already taken backups locally
  • Test a backup locally using Akeeba Kickstart

Ideal Use

We use this package in our company, Weble, to mantain the backups of our clients' sites. We have a server at our office which runs this package, and every time we build a new website for a client, we add it to the list using the nice UI of the Backup Manager, and have the server trigger the backup and download a copy locally, storing older versions, just to be safe.

We also integrate AkeebaBackup with Amazon S3, so for each website we have a on-site copy, an S3 copy and a series of local copies. This also makes both testing and recovering of websites much easier, since we don't have to download backups anymore, since we already have every backup stored locally, without having to lose the advantage and the speed of the S3 cloud storage.

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