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The LICENSE file lists "all rights reserved" by different companies for all the emoji graphics. Technically this would make a license violation unless these images where sub licensed to the site.

What are the exact terms under which these graphic files may be used? Can they be used in other (Open Source) projects? Under what terms can the images be redistributed?

👍 I too would like to know the answers to this @arvida

If the various companies have given usage and/or redistribution permissions concerning these images, please add that information or (better) add a link to each company's website that explicitly states that we can use and/or redistribute it.

I'd like to have this cleared up as well. The "Use on your website", coupled with "all rights reserved", is quite confusing. Particularly since the owner of this project does not seem to be the copyright holder.

@arvida Any chance we can get this (relatively) simple question answered? 😄


arvida commented Jan 30, 2014

Very sorry for not providing any clear answer on this. I am a bit unsure my self and hear different things concerning this from different people. I am a bit short on time a the moment, if anyone wants to investigate this more thoroughly I am happy to update the repo with any findings on this.

mpa4hu commented Apr 19, 2014

+1 this is very confusing

mpa4hu commented Apr 19, 2014

What about this
There is a license. This is normal to use it, just might be a good idea to give some credits


gemoji gives a license for the source code only. strictly speaking redistribution of these icon graphic is illegal, even though the copyright holders seem not to enforce their copyrights.
This murky license might be okay for a personal project or website but it's unacceptable for any free and open source software project.


joeljunstrom commented Sep 10, 2014

I'm closing this since I do not think we will get a clearer view of the licensing issues regarding the emoji set. I can reopen if someone feels that should still be an "open issue".


adam-lynch commented Sep 10, 2014

I would think this is unresolved.


joeljunstrom commented Sep 10, 2014

But do you think it can be resolved?

I also think it is unresolved and it's an important topic at that. It leaves a lot of unclarity and possibility to be sued by the copyright owners.

Strictly speaking this website is in violation and could (potentially) be slapped with a takedown or worse at any time.

By the way, I read that post you referred to and the open phantom emoji are useless too. This will only be resolved if some designer makes some icons from scratch and licenses them clearly under MIT for example.

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