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Thanks for the pull request! However I am not so sure that I want to merge this like it looks now: the main thing with is to provide a list of emojis and this puts more stuff before the actual main content. Also I am not sure that this feature adds any value for people using this page, I haven't seen the need to practice using emojis?
I want to keep the page simple and easy to use, a less is more kinda thing 😃

Let me know what you think!

Also as you looks to know you way around js; I been thinking about adding some kind of search like list.js or similair to the list of emojis to make it easier to find/filter emojis. Something you would be interested in adding to the page?


You're right that it would layout better as a position:fixed thing at the bottom of the screen or similar; I'm better with code than concocting good looks (which you seem quite apt at yourself, though! :-) ).

The whole UI to using these emoji is knowing their names, and the only really good user experience short of taking the keyboard completion with you to all the sites using them is to learn a few of those you care to use by heart. At least for me, I find stuff I search for much faster by typing something in the general region of what I seek (a heart, say). What it sounds like you are proposing with list.js is essentially is what this thing already does – you type a bit and it filters the list down to those matching it.

I did some experiments where it filtered the view instead, and it was much less useful – the headlines, that are useful in the "show everything" view get in the way and block the stuff you see (in much the same way as putting the typing field up top made the view experience worse, I'll freely admit), and the page starts jumping around too much and kind of unpredictably-feeling.


Interesting, I guess it is similar! Totally agree on that it is faster to find stuff by typing. Gonna take a look on this and see if I can get it to fit nicely somewhere on the page.

@arvida arvida closed this Sep 3, 2012

Yay, github does this instead now! :octocat:

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