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Implementation for our CVPR 2018 paper
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models Import from private repo. Nov 9, 2018

Image Super-resolution via Dual-state Recurrent Neural Networks (CVPR 2018)

[Paper Link]


	title={Image super-resolution via dual-state recurrent networks},
	author={Han, Wei and Chang, Shiyu and Liu, Ding and Yu, Mo and Witbrock, Michael and Huang, Thomas S},
	booktitle={Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},


  • Common python dependencies can be installed via pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Lingvo (for inference only), see linvgo project page for installation instructions.


There is a very helpful repo collected download links for all the training and test sets needed here.


The training data is specified by a file list of HR images. No futher pre-processing is needed as we perform downsampling and augmentation on-the-fly.

Use and the model specification file to start a training job.


We release our models in tensorflow lingvo format such that the models are self contained for inference tasks. Each model consists of by a inference_graph.pbtxt and a checkpoint file.

To run the inference with provided pre-trained models on an image, use provided Example:

`python --checkpoint=models/x3/ckpt-00754300 --inference_graph=models/x3/inference.pbtxt --image_path=./cat.png --output_dir=./`

The script will write super-resolved images to output_dir.


Use to compute average PSNR on a test set after saving all the model predicted images. Eval set is also specified by a file list. Example:

`python --hr_flist=flists/set5.list --prediction_dir=${your_pred_dir}`


This code is partly based on a previous work from our group [here]

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