An open source MVVM implementation for the Unity Editor.
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Open source MVVM framework built for Unity

.Guacamole is a powerful MVVM framework built for Unity, based on WPF.

.Guacamole is still in an alpha state, so it's not recommended you use it for production purposes.

Free, open source and community-driven

.Guacamole is completely free and open source. No strings attached, no royalties, nothing. WellFired Development also build our tools with .Guacamole. See our homepage for more information about the products built with .Guacamole.

Getting .Guacamole

Compiling from source

  1. Clone the repo ( git clone )
  2. Open the solution ( solution/WellFired.Guacamole.sln )
  3. Run nuget restore either on the command line ( nuget restore ) or with your favourite IDE
  4. Build your project

Nuget package

Coming soon.

Unity package

Coming soon.

Documentation and demos

The official documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs. It is maintained in its own GitHub repository, which is accepting pull requests.

The api reference.

Demos can be found inside the solution in the Examples project. These can be opened directly in Unity, see the Documentation for more details