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This plugin integrates Darcs SCM into Jenkins Continious Integration server.
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Darcs Plugin for Jenkins CI

This plugin integrates the Darcs SCM into Jenkins CI. The official plugin site is here.


You can install the plugin via the Jenkins plugin management site. This plugin requires a Darcs installation on the machine where it is installed.


As prerequisite you need Apache Maven installed.

In your ~/.m2/settings.xml you need the Jenkins tools plugin group:


And for some backword compatibility a mirror:


Clone this repo with:

$ git clone git://

To compile the source change into the repo and type:

$ mvn instal

For running the plugin from the repo locally type:

$ mvn hpi:run

Information about how to write a plugin for Jenkins can be found in this plugin tutorial. Informations about the general architecture of Jenkins can be found here. And last but not least here are some informations about how to host a Jenkins plugin.

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