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An amazing, simple and powerful Node boilerplate
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Node Amazing Boilerplate

An amazing, simple and powerful Node boilerplate

This project is built with Backpack and configured to use:

How to use

  • Clone this repo and enter it

  • If you don't have Yarn installed yet, install it

npm i -g yarn
  • Install the dependencies

Commands available

  • To start the application in development mode use
yarn dev
  • To run Flow use
yarn flow
  • To run ESLint use
yarn lint
  • To run the tests use
yarn test
  • To run the tests in watch mode use
yarn test:watch
  • To build the application for production use
yarn build
  • To start the application in production mode use
yarn start

Git Hooks

This project uses Husky to create and manage Git hooks, it already comes with two hooks configured:

  • Before you commit and before you push your changes it will run: ESLint, Flow and Jest tests

  • If you want to, you can configure other hooks, edit or even delete the existing ones.

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