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This project has been archived. Find the recent version at


Wendy's OpenCollar Distribution is a collection of little open source programs, built by residents of the Second Life® virtual world and published by This collection can be used to create role play toys for various applications, and for individual user needs.

The most popular application at the moment is interactive accessory, usually necklaces, that can be equipped by avatars who then authorize other avatars so they can play with each other!

Building something:

For a working device a core needs to be built first. The required knowledge for this is called "primming". Six prims have to be created, and then core components installed, which are the auth, dialog, rlvsys, anim (including all poses if applicable) and settings programs. The sixth prim receives all the other files. Then these prims are linked together and verified with a command <user prefix> verify. The "user prefix" are the first two letters of the avatar's user name.

Where can I find binaries of this stuff?

We currently have a selection of 20 or so cost-free sample collar, chokers and necklaces available at the virtual Arcadia. They are all full versions, fully modifiable, transferable and built into 3D models that were created by talented artists. For those who want something a bit more premium, there are also necklaces that can be bought for a small fee, that have more exclusive animations in them and some other goodies in the form of compatible accessory.

If you are looking to upgrade existing items, there is an updater device available for free at the virtual Arcadia and on the Second Life® Marketplace.

Wendy's OpenCollar Updater

The user manual can be found on, and if you browse the menus of a ready-built device, you will find hyperlinked headlines that point to the exact manual page on the web.

Contributions, feedback and support:

Despite having hundreds of thousands of users we are only a very small team. That is why we are very grateful to have an amazing community, called Fire Flower, that can be approached for help and support. There are no requirements or costs to participate in this community, simply open this link in your Second Life® viewer and join the group. If you want to contribute by coding, please feel free to suggest your edit in a PR!

Working commercially:

Creative resource and other utilities for commercial vendors can usually be found at This eases the creative process significantly, but of course everything can also be built from scratch and modified under the applicable terms which can be reviewed in the licenses directory of this git repository.