A variant of the game 2048, developped with C++.
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From 2048 To ABCD.zip


From 2048 To ABCD


This game is a variant of the popular game 2048. Alphabets are used instead of numbers (A=2, B=4, C=8,...). Besides that, the mechanism has also been changed. In the original game, you will only see the new occurrence of "2" or "4" (with slight probability). In this game, you will be able to see the occurrence of larger numbers such as "C"(=8), "D"(=16) and so on. Do not jump to the conclusion that it becomes easier. In fact, the game could become quite unpredictable and thus bring you a challenge.

How to play

Use the arrow keys.

There is no win. Once you get "K"(=2048), you can try further to get "L"(=4096)...

There is no lost, either. If you have filled all squares and find no more matches, just move on, and the up-left corner will change.

How to download

Windows users can download zip file "From 2048 To ABCD.zip" in this root directory. Mac OS, Linux, and other users are invited to compile it themselves.

In order to compile it, C++ compiler and SFML (can be download at http://sfml-dev.org/) are required. C++11 flag is required during the compilation.

I rushed this game out within only 2 days. If you find any bugs or have some suggestions, feel free to reach me by email.