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A set of Vagrant boxes to install and test the Xen hypervisor
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This repository provides a set of Vagrant boxes to configure and install Xen.

The initial goal was to build a test suite for virtual machine introspection tools on Xen in a reproducible environment, but it can be extended to many use cases revolving around Xen development.


  • Vagrant
  • ansible
  • ruby-dev
  • libvirt-dev


A few options can be tweaked in the <distro>/Vagrantfile.

  • source: build Xen from source, or use the distribution packages
  • vmi: install VMI tools (libvmi, libvmi-python, rekall)


Install the required Vagrant plugins:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-libvirt vagrant-reload

The choose a supported distribution and build the box:

$ cd fedora
$ vagrant up --provider=libvirt

Your Vagrant box is ready !


Run vagrant ssh to get a shell into the VM.

Virt-Manager: remote connection

As SSH is open for password authentication, you can manage your VMs from virt-manager with a remote connection.

Use vagrant ssh and ip a to get the IP address of the VM, and add a new connection in virt-manager with these credentials:

  • username: root
  • password: vagrant
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