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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Dec 9, 2019

This build was compiled on the 12.12.2019. It may be unstable, contains more features and bug fixes too though

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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Mar 8, 2019

Full changelog

  • EdiZon has a new and beautiful icon by kardch!
  • Fixed stack overflow when too many addresses were found
  • Renamed "Edit RAM" to "Cheats"
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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Mar 7, 2019

A few hours ago Atmosphère 0.8.5 was released and it features a cool addition called dmnt:cht which allows you to load cheats for your games. Here comes EdiZon which now has an integrated cheat engine like RAM editor and acts as a cheat management tool for dmnt:cht!


The updater is broken in the EdiZon version 2.2.0 and lower! Please update manually to this release!

Full Changelog

  • Cheat engine like RAM editor!

  • Freezing of variables in RAM using dmnt:cht. Only works with Atmosphère, not with other CFWs!

  • Cheat management tool for Atmosphère's dmnt:cht. Only works with Atmosphère, not with other CFWs!

  • Reimplemented the auto updater. This is a breaking change! You need to update to this release manually.

    • Now updates configs, scripts AND cheats!
  • Fixed and greatly improved the uploading of save files. You now get a code you can enter on . Thanks A LOT to @Ac_K for all his help!

  • Lots of UI and touch bug fixes

  • Fixed building being impossible except your were me

  • Added progress bars to many long lasting operations

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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Feb 5, 2019

Full changelog

  • Added proper touch scrolling to the main menu and part of the editor
  • Added tool tips to widgets. Every widget can now have extra information attached to it
  • Navigation in the editor now only uses the joy sticks while modifying values uses the dpad.
  • Add a way to display a message when loading a config
  • Fixed button widgets not setting strArgs and intArgs properly thus being useless
  • Fixed crash when trying to upload a batch backup
  • Added a "loading editor" message to prevent EdiZon from looking frozen
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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Jan 25, 2019

Full Changelog

  • Added save file upload to! Special thanks to @StevenMattera for his server side script :)
  • Added button widget that executes a function in the script file
  • Added message boxes when updating EdiZon/configs and uploading a save file to avoid the switch looking locked up.
  • Added more debug logs to help script creators
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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Jan 24, 2019

Full Changelog

  • Fixed backups not being listed correctly when trying to restore them
  • Fixed reversed Editable titles / All titles text in main menu
  • Fixed menu scrolling with 10 titles
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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Jan 24, 2019

Almost 9 months after I've started working on EdiZon I'm satisfied enough to bump up it's version to 2.0.0! An oh boy it took time but here it is:

Full Changelog

  • Python support! You heard right. You can now make scripts for EdiZon in the language everybody loves!
  • Easy way of restoring saves. Just put them in the /EdiZon/restore folder and they will automatically show up for every game you have.
  • Added an author key to every config. This means the person who made the save editor now gets credited in EdiZon.
  • Added a file to every /EdiZon/<titleID> folder that displays what game this folder belongs to.
  • Cleaned up the UI a bit

I know, the changelog isn't that long but having support for python as a scripting language not only makes the file size of EdiZon 3 times bigger, it hopefully does the same to the amount of configs too :)
I hope you all still enjoy EdiZon and continue doing that in the future. Cheers!

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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Jan 7, 2019

Another release right after the other one!


  • Removed the old account selection and replaced it with the switch's user selection applet!
  • Fixed icon rendering on the hbmenu
  • Made some animations prettier and cleaned up the UI a bit
  • Fixed cancellation of batch backups still showing the keyboard
  • Fixed some applet related memory leaks / corruptions that may have crashed other homebrew when launched afterwards
  • Config developers: Added a comment widget that can display any text inside the editor
  • Switched from using L and R to ZL and ZR for batch backups and editable-only titles in the menu
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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Jan 5, 2019

After over 2 months there's finally a new release of EdiZon! This time featuring the following additions:


  • Naming of backups using the Switch's software keyboard!
  • Editing values by entering the value with the keyboard!
  • New beautiful icon by @bernv3
  • Less biased SX OS warning message and fix for the false positive on ReiNX2.0
  • New libnx 2.0.0 rendering code
  • Fixed weird menu scrolling bug when less than 10 titles were displayed
  • Fixed the laggy menu
  • Easier to understand error messages


  • String Widgets! A widget that lets you enter text with the keyboard
  • Dummy values that allow you to make runtime adjustments and send data over to the script without modifying the save file itself
  • Support for different files in the same game. All of them get their own config values.
  • Read the Wiki for more information!
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@WerWolv WerWolv released this Oct 28, 2018

Mostly a bug fix release.

Full changelog

  • Compiled with libnx 1.5.0 which fixes timestamps being 31121969_235959 when the switch hasn't been connected to the internet before and the timestamps being in UTC
  • Fixed visual glitch when pressing the L button while selecting an account
  • Fixed some more of the menu lag
  • Prevented useInstead from creating an infinite loop and freezing EdiZon
  • Added a warning message for SX OS users since it still causes issues
  • Cleaned up the code base and removed some more unnecessary debug prints
  • Added all the lastest configs and scripts
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