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This release brings Lua scripting support, separating of save file editing into external Lua modules, categories and much much more.

Full changelog

  • Added support for config file parsers written in Lua. Many many thanks to @SmallJoker for spending hours to help me debug this :P
  • Made the config files much more generic for the use with Lua scripts
  • Added categories to the editor
  • Lots of UI tweeks
    • Title bars in the editor now have a color that matches their icon. Thanks to @mrasam for some help there
    • Added a scrolling animation to list selectors
    • Added message boxes before you apply or discard changes made in the editor
    • Lots of little UI changes so EdiZon looks more like the real Switch UI
  • You can now switch though your games and accounts in the editor by clicking on the icons or pressing ZL or ZR.
  • Updated Super Mario Odyssey Editor Config file to support the new version
  • Added a Editor Config file for Hollow Knight
  • Added a Editor Script file for binary save files
  • Added a Editor Script file for json save files
  • Updated the Readme and the Wiki to document the new Editor Config and Editor Script files so YOU can make your own ones now!

All Editor Config and Editor Script files can now be found in this repository for download