@WerWolv98 WerWolv98 released this Jan 5, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

After over 2 months there's finally a new release of EdiZon! This time featuring the following additions:


  • Naming of backups using the Switch's software keyboard!
  • Editing values by entering the value with the keyboard!
  • New beautiful icon by @bernv3
  • Less biased SX OS warning message and fix for the false positive on ReiNX2.0
  • New libnx 2.0.0 rendering code
  • Fixed weird menu scrolling bug when less than 10 titles were displayed
  • Fixed the laggy menu
  • Easier to understand error messages


  • String Widgets! A widget that lets you enter text with the keyboard
  • Dummy values that allow you to make runtime adjustments and send data over to the script without modifying the save file itself
  • Support for different files in the same game. All of them get their own config values.
  • Read the Wiki for more information!