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Bundle for better scripts usage
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Bundle provides better experience when bulding applications with Symfony2

Scripts = js/scss files

Briefly, it allows:

  • Autoloading of Scripts, based on the template name (with "template.twig" files "template.js" and "template.scss" are loaded).
  • Passing of variables directly to Scripts (yes, to SCSS also). Even arrays and objects are supported.
  • Processing of Scripts: they are minimized and merged into single files. Caching helps to avoid high load.
  • Clever browser cache: you can use a tag to differentiate cached files (for example, part of GIT hash). While assetic force you to set this tag manually, Webapp handle it automtically.
  • Beauty of SCSS mixins: the files are merged before processing, so you can define variables, mixins, etc somethere and use later.
  • Repository of Scripts: you can create packages of Scripts, defining dependencies. They are automatically updated on composer.phar update.

Configuring the bundle

Add bundle to composer dependencies, then add this configuration:

    respath:  /res/cached # public path for cached Scripts
    resdir:   %kernel.root_dir%/cache/scripts # directory for cached Scripts
    revpath:  %kernel.root_dir%/cache/revision # tag file (for browser cache)
    scripts:  %kernel.root_dir%/scripts # directory with downloaded packages

Configuring cached files tagging

For automatic tagging there should be a file with current repository tag. It is convenient to change this file in a git hook, and store there commit hash (symlink or source this file in .git/hooks):

HASH=$(git rev-parse HEAD)

Path to tag file is stored in "werkint_webapp -> revpath" config parameter.

Connecting to Scripts repository

Repository is located in There are files ".packages" with a list of available Scripts and ".hashes" with package hashes. Each package is located in "{url}/packages/{package_name}". List of files is stored in "{package_url}/.package.ini", file hashes in "{package_url}/.hashes".

".package.ini" structure is simple:

deps  = jquery # dependencies
files = file1.js,file1.scss # Scripts
res   = img1.gif # resources - files,
                 # that are symlinked directly in the public path

If there is a resource-directory, it is zipped and downloaded as archive, then unzipped in local directory. For example, we have "tiny_mce" resource - directory with files, that will be available as "/res/cached/tiny_mce/file.." and should not be processed (tinymce connect them in runtime). It is stored as in repository, and unpacked after download. When Webapp in composer hook updates Scripts, it only checks archive hash, so time is saved.

Firstly, create a directory for downloaded scripts, for example "app/scripts". Then set path to this directory and update hooks in root composer.json:

    "scripts":           {
        "post-install-cmd": [
        "post-update-cmd":  [
    "extra":             {
        "werkint-webapp-scripts": "app/scripts"

Now, every time you invoke compsoser update, Scrips are updated;

Note, that library does not support IE<9, Firefox<4, Opera<12.

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