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Flappy Bird implemented on the HP7440A pen plotter
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Plotty Bird

Plotty bird is an implementation of flappy bird which outputs to the HP7440A pen plotter (or possibly other plotters which accept HP-GL input).

Demo GIF

To run it, simply plug in your HP7440A plotter, and cargo run -- /dev/ttyUSB0 (replacing /dev/ttyUSB0) with whatever the plotter appears as on your system. Once the (randomized!) level has finished drawing, press enter to begin the game, and press enter to jump. It works by streaming HP-GL commands to the plotter in real time - the game gets around 20 "frames" per second.

If you would like more practical tools for working with the HP7440A (or other HP plotters of a similar vintage), see plotter-tools.

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