TerraForm scripts for creating multiple resources into an existing VPC
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Terraform helps create AWS resources.

To use these TF scripts make sure TerraForm is installed on your machine https://www.terraform.io/intro/getting-started/install.html

Clone this repo: $ git clone git@github.com:WesleyCharlesBlake/terraform-existing-vpc.git

Then validate

$ terraform validate

If no template errors are found you can run a plan: $ terraform plan This will show you how many resources will be created

When you are ready to deploy:

$ terraform apply

You will need to input certain variables at each prompt (such access keys/secrets , ami ID's etc)

When you are done with the hosts, please clean up:

$ terraform plan -destroy This will show us which resources are going to be destroye

To apply this: $ terraform destroy

This template creates 22 resources (multiple role EC2 instances, an ELB, provisioners from template file resources used for ec2 user_data and DNS entries in Route53)

Read my blog post to on Packer and TerraForm here