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using UnityEngine;
using Photon;
using System.Collections;
using System;
using UnityEngine.UI;
// Notes:
// This script must be attached to the rigidbody of the player's ball.
public class PlayerController : Photon.PunBehaviour {
private Rigidbody rb;
//We have an object higher than the player to control objects
private PhotonView parentPhotonView;
private PhotonTransformView transformView;
public GameObject objLayer;
//public Transform splatPrefab ; //for when we use PhotonNetwork.Instantiate
public GameObject splatPrefab ;
public float speed;
public float slowRate;
public float fallingSlowRate = 1;
public float stopThreshold;
public float maxVelocity = 0;
//Becomes true only if an controller's right trigger is pressed...
//doesn't go false if controller is then removed; logic is in Boost method
//TODO need a better way to determine if the player is using a controller or not
private bool xboxController = false;
* boostMagnitude = strength of boost when player is already moving
* boostMagnitudeFromStandstillMagnitude = strength of boost from standstill
* boostChargeTime = time in seconds to charge boost
* chargeCounter counts the player's charge time
* boostReleased = true when key / trigger for boost is released
public float boostMagnitude = 4;
public float boostFromStandstillMagnitude = 25;
public float boostChargeTime = 1;
private float chargeCounter = 0;
private bool boostReleased = false;
/*playerPushPlayer variables
* otherPlayersTag = what other players are tagged as
* pushbackMagnitude = strength of pushback against other players
* pushbackThresholdVelocity = velocity the OTHER player must be greater than to push back THIS Player
private string otherPlayersTag = "Player";
public float pushbackMagnitude = (float)5;//a bit stronger than boost magnitude is good maybe
public float pushbackThresholdVelocity = 4;
//Shape stuff
private Vector3 sizeTarget;
public float sizeLerpSpeed;
//Audio stuff
public float VelocityTriggerAudio = (float)1.5;//collision realitve velocity must exceed this to play sounds
AudioSource audioNonPickups;
AudioSource audioPickups;
AudioSource audioGround;
public Image boostIndicator;
void Start () {
rb = GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); //get rigid body of player this script is attached to
boostIndicator = GameObject.Find("Boost Indicator").GetComponent<Image>();
boostIndicator.fillAmount = 0f;
AudioSource[] audios = GetComponents<AudioSource> ();
audioNonPickups = audios [0];
audioPickups = audios [1];
audioGround = audios [2];
parentPhotonView = GetComponentInParent<PhotonView>();
transformView = GetComponent<PhotonTransformView>();
splatPrefab = (GameObject)Resources.Load("splatPrefab") ;//NOTE: the splatPrefab must be located in the Resources folder for this to work
sizeTarget = transform.localScale;
public float speedyFall = (float)0.95;
void FixedUpdate () {
if (parentPhotonView.isMine){ //Make sure this is our player before controlling
// Using this allows us to get cross-platform input
float horizontal = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
float vertical = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");
Vector3 targetDirection = new Vector3(horizontal, 0.0f, vertical);
// Adjust the target direction based on the direction the camera is facing
targetDirection = Camera.main.transform.TransformDirection(targetDirection);
// Reset the Y direction of our target direction
targetDirection.y = 0f;
rb.AddForce(targetDirection * speed);
//Synchronizing stuff to make other players look smoother
transformView.SetSynchronizedValues(targetDirection * speed, rb.angularVelocity.magnitude);
Boost (targetDirection);
// Stop all movement if not touching controls
// TODO this section will NOT work with controllers. Controllers sometimes never reach 0
// since they are analog. Need to add "Dead-Zone" aka a range of values that are close
// enough to 0 to call it 0.
if (horizontal == 0f && vertical == 0f){
//fix player falling issue players fall faster
if(rb.velocity.y < 0){
rb.velocity *= fallingSlowRate;
rb.angularVelocity *= fallingSlowRate;
rb.velocity *= slowRate;
rb.angularVelocity *= slowRate;
//Size stuff
if (!transform.localScale.Equals(sizeTarget)) {
float delta = Time.deltaTime * sizeLerpSpeed;
transform.localScale = Vector3.Lerp(transform.localScale, sizeTarget, delta);
private void Boost(Vector3 targetDirection){
//player is using an xboxController
if( Input.GetAxis("Right Trigger") < 0)
xboxController = true;
//IF KEY/TRIGGER PRESSED DOWN chargeCounter increases
if ( (Input.GetKey (KeyCode.Alpha1) == true) || Input.GetAxis("Right Trigger") < -0.1 ){
chargeCounter += Time.deltaTime;
if(chargeCounter >= boostChargeTime) Debug.Log ("Boost is ready ");
//if boostReleased AND charge is ready
if (boostReleased && (chargeCounter >= boostChargeTime)) {//DO THE BOOST
if (targetDirection.magnitude == 0) {//BOOST FROM STANDSTILL
Vector3 booster = Camera.main.transform.forward;
booster.Normalize ();
Vector3 zeroScale = new Vector3 (boostFromStandstillMagnitude,boostFromStandstillMagnitude, boostFromStandstillMagnitude);
booster.Scale (zeroScale);
rb.AddForce (booster, ForceMode.Impulse);
targetDirection.Scale (new Vector3 (boostMagnitude, boostMagnitude, boostMagnitude));
rb.AddForce (targetDirection* boostMagnitude, ForceMode.VelocityChange);
chargeCounter = 0;
boostReleased = false;
} else if (boostReleased) {//key released before charge time; reset counters
chargeCounter = 0;
boostReleased = false;
//need to know immeadiatly if the boost charger was released
void Update() {
boostIndicator.fillAmount = chargeCounter / boostChargeTime;
if(boostIndicator.fillAmount == 1)
boostIndicator.color =;
boostIndicator.color = Color.Lerp(, Color.yellow, chargeCounter / boostChargeTime);
//if the player's using an xboxController check if trigger released
if (xboxController) {
if((Input.GetAxis ("Right Trigger") > -0.2))
boostReleased = true;
//if player using keyboard check if '1' was released
else if (Input.GetKeyUp (KeyCode.Alpha1))
boostReleased = true;
void OnCollisionEnter(Collision other) {
Vector3 colliderSize = other.collider.bounds.size;//size of what player collided into
var playerSize = GetComponent<Collider> ().bounds.size.magnitude;
if (other.gameObject.tag.Equals (otherPlayersTag))
CollidedIntoPlayer (other);
else if (other.gameObject.tag.Equals ("Pickup") && colliderSize.magnitude <= playerSize)//collided into an obj that must be picked up
CollidedIntoPickup (other, colliderSize);
else if(other.gameObject.tag.Equals("Pickup") && colliderSize.magnitude > playerSize) //collided into pickup too big to pickup
CollidedIntoNonPickup(other) ; //call nonpickup collision method
CollidedIntoNonPickup (other);//collided into an obj that cannot be picked up
private void GrabPlayerObjectLayer(){
if (objLayer == null){
GameObject[] objs = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("ObjectLayer");
foreach (GameObject obj in objs){
if (obj.transform.parent.gameObject.GetPhotonView().ownerId == gameObject.GetPhotonView().ownerId)
objLayer = obj;
private void CollidedIntoPickup(Collision other, Vector3 ColliderSize){
//Disable the collider and parent the object to the player
other.collider.enabled = false;
other.transform.parent = objLayer.transform;
//Add the target size of our player
sizeTarget = ConvertVectorToDisplacement (ColliderSize);
private void CollidedIntoNonPickup(Collision other){
if (other.gameObject.tag != "Untagged")//collision with tagged objects player can't pickup play 'audioNonPickups'
playSound(other, audioNonPickups);
else //collision with untagged objects player can't pickup play'audioGround'
playSound (other, audioGround);
//double minSplatVelocity = 1.5 ;
//if(rb.velocity.magnitude >= minSplatVelocity) //&& other.gameObject.tag != "Ground") //TODO, make a "Ground" tag to avoid random collision executions on the ground planes
//{//if player is going fast
foreach(ContactPoint contact in other.contacts)
{//instantiate splat prefab and attach splatController script onto it
//Debug.Log("hit " + ;
GameObject splat = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("splatPrefab", contact.point, Quaternion.FromToRotation(Vector3.up, contact.normal), 0) ;
//GameObject splat = Instantiate(splatPrefab, contact.point, Quaternion.FromToRotation(Vector3.up, contact.normal)) ;
splat.AddComponent<splatController>() ;
private void CollidedIntoPlayer(Collision other){
//Debug.Log ("velocity on collision with player is " + rb.velocity.magnitude);
//PlayerPushPlayer Implementation
float otherPlayerVelocity = other.relativeVelocity.magnitude - rb.velocity.magnitude;
if (otherPlayerVelocity > pushbackThresholdVelocity) {//then THIS player needs to be pushed back
var force = other.relativeVelocity;
force.Normalize ();
force.Scale (new Vector3 (pushbackMagnitude, pushbackMagnitude, pushbackMagnitude));
BumpPlayer (force);
//TODO steal mechanic implementation
bool stealCondition = true;//some condition will allow this player to steal from another
if (stealCondition)
Steal (other);
public void BumpPlayer(Vector3 magnitude){
rb.AddForce (magnitude, ForceMode.Impulse);
private void playSound(Collision other, AudioSource audio){
if (other.relativeVelocity.magnitude > VelocityTriggerAudio) {
if (!GetComponent<AudioSource> ().isPlaying)
audio.Play ();
private Vector3 ConvertVectorToDisplacement(Vector3 size) {
float total = size.x + size.y + size.z;
total = total / 3;
Debug.Log ("total is " + total);
//Debug.Log ("hell" + Mathf. (transform.localScale.x / 2, 3f));
float currentVolume;
currentVolume = (4f / 3f) * Mathf.PI * Mathf.Pow(transform.localScale.x / 2, 3f);
currentVolume += total;
Debug.Log("CurrVol: " + currentVolume);
float radius = Mathf.Pow( (3f/4f) * (currentVolume / Mathf.PI), 1f/3f);
//Debug.Log("New Radius " + radius);
float diameter = radius * 2f;
Vector3 newBounds = new Vector3(diameter, diameter, diameter);
//Calculate spherical change
return newBounds;
//TODO Steal
public float percentToSteal = (float)0.5;
private void Steal(Collision other){
Vector3 otherPlayerSize = other.collider.bounds.size;
float playerSize = GetComponent<Collider> ().bounds.size.magnitude;
if (playerSize < otherPlayerSize.magnitude ) {//THIS player can steal from OTHER player
//Debug.Log("In if in player script");
//need some size to steal
Vector3 stealSize = otherPlayerSize;
Vector3 originalOtherSize = otherPlayerSize;
stealSize.Normalize ();
//take from other
float percentToDecrease = originalOtherSize.magnitude * (1 - percentToSteal);
Vector3 stealSizeForOther = otherPlayerSize;
stealSizeForOther.Normalize ();
stealSizeForOther.Scale (new Vector3 (percentToDecrease,percentToDecrease, percentToDecrease));
//take the size away from the other player
//other.collider.GetComponent<PlayerController> ().changeSize(stealSizeForOther);
catch(Exception e)
float differnceInSizeBeforeSteal = originalOtherSize.magnitude - stealSizeForOther.magnitude;
float growByThis = playerSize + differnceInSizeBeforeSteal;
//grow self
stealSize.Scale (new Vector3 (growByThis,growByThis, growByThis));
changeSize (stealSize);
public void changeSize(Vector3 newSizeTarget){
sizeTarget = newSizeTarget;