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Documenting the isRGB -> isRGBA change to API

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@@ -52,6 +52,12 @@ Changes in 1.3.x
:class:`~matplotlib.patches.Patch` had ``alpha=None``, the alpha component
of ``edgecolor`` would be applied to both the edge and face.
+* The optional ``isRGB`` argument to
+ :meth:`~matplotlib.backend_bases.GraphicsContextBase.set_foreground` (and
+ the other GraphicsContext classes that descend from it) has been renamed to
+ ``isRGBA``, and should now only be set to ``True`` if the ``fg`` color
+ argument is known to be an RGBA tuple.
* For :class:`~matplotlib.patches.Patch`, the ``capstyle`` used is now
``butt``, to be consistent with the default for most other objects, and to
avoid problems with non-solid ``linestyle`` appearing solid when using a

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