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ArduScan is a windows program that passively scans the COM ports on a system looking for ones that are likely to be Arduinos
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Sept 2011 by Bill Westfield ("WestfW")

Scan a windows system and try to figure out which COM ports
look like they might be Arduinos.

This is based on the article here:
by Vladimir Afanasyev, which explains how to use the device manager
API to enumerate all the COM ports on a system, and
these forum entries:
Which explain how to get the USB Vendor/Product info from the same api.

Currently this is set up to run in a CMD or other shell window, and
writes its findings to stdout.

It should compile fine under cygwin, including mingw versions:

  g++ -mno-cygwin ArduScan.cpp -lsetupapi -o ArduScan.exe
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