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Arduino sketch for printing info about chip signature, fuses, bootloader version, etc
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Readme add Readme, copyright notice, and license info Sep 18, 2011


Copyright 2010, 2011 by Bill Westfield ("WestfW")
Open Source Software, made available under the terms of the "MIT OSSW license"

fusebytes is an Arduino sketch that prints out internal information about
the chip it is run on.  It should compile and run on ATmega8, Mega168,
mega328, and mega328p Atmel AVR chips.  It may compile and show partial
information on other chips (mega88, mega1280, etc.)

For example:

Compiled for ATmega328P
No Serial Number

Fuse bits (L/H/E): FF DE FD
Lock bits:         EF
Signature:         1E 95 F (ATmega328P)
Oscal:             9A

Fuse Low = 11111111 (FF)
           ||||++++______Low Power Crystal 8 - 16MHz
           ||++__________Start Up Time=11
           |+____________Clock Output Disabled
           +_____________(no divide)

Fuse High = 11011110 (DE)
            |||||||+______Reset to Bootstrap
            |||||++_______256 words (512 bytes)
            ||||+_________EEPROM Erased on chip erase
            |||+__________Watchdog programmable
            ||+___________ISP programming enabled
            |+____________DebugWire off
            +_____________RST enabled

Fuse Extended = 11111101 (FD)
                |||||+++______Brownout at 2.7V

Lock Bits = 11101111 (EF)
            ||||||++______Read/Write to everywhere
            ||||++________R/W Application
            ||++__________No Write to Boot Section

Bootloader at 0x7E00 looks like version 4.4
 2411 B784 BE14 FF81 D0F0 E085 9380 81
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