Our first game, where you avoid falling sky swords.
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finn-knife-game Slack Status

Move Finn left and right to avoid being killed by the Falling Sky Knives in this awesome SpriteKit template. Free to use and free to play from the monkeys behind the curtain. (Animator Joe)


This game uses a free Apache 2.0 license, because we want you enjoy building the program as much as we did. It uses many different libraries to form its unique gameplay style and identity, including a graphic of “Gomez” from the game Fez as its foe, and the SpriteKit library from Apple. We cannot thank these unknowing contributors enough, as their work is crucial to our project. Here is a complete table:

Title File License Author
Nerves Crazy.wav CC-BY 3.0 Kevin MacLeod
Gomez Gomez10.png, Assets.xcassets CC-BY-SA 3.0 Polytron Corporation