Boilerplate files for hosting FramerJs prototypes in Azure Websites.
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Framer Azure Boilerplate

Boilerplate files for hosting FramerJs prototypes in Azure Websites (or any IIS server). Mostly copied from Fernando Correia's StaticAuthSample, with the addition of allowing the .coffee MIME type (thanks for that tip Edge Pereira).


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Copy the contents of your MyPrototype.framer/ folder into the PrivatePrototype/ folder
  3. Copy Web.config, Login.aspx, and the PrivatePrototype/ folder over to your Azure Website. WebMatrix makes this easy
  4. Visit and enter Alice as the user and secret as the password to log in

Logging in


Change the PrivatePrototype/ URL

Just change the folder name.

Change the username and password

Open the root Web.config and read the comments.

Add another private prototype

Create a new folder, copy PrivatePrototype/Web.config to it, then your Framer Studio files.

Add a public prototype

Create a new folder and copy your Framer Studio files.