Azure Cloud Service + Windows Phone 8.1 app for Google Voice [deprecated]
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aVoice Push

aVoice Push is a simple app for Windows Phone 8.1 that hosts Google Voice's mobile web page (, as well as providing push notifications in the form of Tiles, Badges, and Toasts. By using Google OAuth 2.0 to authenticate users, aVoice Push is the only 3rd party Google Voice app that doesn't have access to the users's password.


Project Structure

There are 3 main components to getting this working:

Name Directory Description
Azure Cloud Service aVoicePushAzure/ Holds a Worker Role that parses Google Voice SMTP emails (more info)
Universal Windows App aVoicePushClient/ A XAML/C# app for Windows Phone 8.1 (Windows 8.1 not implemented yet)
Azure Mobile Service not included Maintains DB of active users, handles authentication and push notifications

aVoicePushAzure has a parser that is broken into components and fully unit tested. It's the most complex piece. aVoicePushClient's job is to authenticate, register for push notifications, then display the web page.


Improvements are welcome! I hold the keys for pushing out updates to the production service & app and will create new versions as appropriate. You are free to deploy your own sister services and apps as well. All I ask is that the main constraint of this app is respected - don't collect the user's password.