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Simple home for


  1. Install node.js, v4.4.5 LTS or close to it
  2. Install Git and git-lfs
  3. npm install


npm run watch. Doesn't watch for changes to assets, so you need to restart the server if you're changing those.

npm run serve. Doesn't watch, just builds and starts a server.


npm run deploy. Doesn't actually deploy, just puts files in dist/ that are minified, autoprefixed, etc. Copy those to the server.

Creating image assets

Most photos will probably be responsive images. If that's the case, these are the widths to export.

640, 750, 1080, 1440, 1920, 2560

important phone widths: 640 (2x), 750 (2x), 1080 (3x), 1440 (3x) important desktop widths: 1366 (1x), 1920, 2304 (2x), 2560 (2x), 2880, 4096, 5120

That will get us crisp images on the most important devices.

Post feature images

Use the above widths on a 1680x448 artboard.

Post content images

Go for a 670 wide artboard, then export at 1340w and 670w.


We use font metrics to precisely position type. Getting accurate font metrics is key. The best way to do that is to inspect the font metrics using the app. You can pull a font from Typekit by following these instructions. Note that sync'd fonts on Typekit often have different metrics than the web fonts.

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