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This project was created in order to quickly create Kali Linux based drop boxes built on inexpensive hardware such as a Raspberry Pi, to be plugged into a target network during a physical penetration test.

Anything that runs Kali should work with these scripts just fine.


These scripts setup one Kali machine (the drop box) to phone home to another Kali machine (the C&C) over SSH on port 443. Port 2222 on the C&C is then forwarded to port 22 on the drop box, allowing you to SSH into the drop box through the reverse tunnel and wreak havoc on... er... pentest the target network. =P

By default, the drop box will attempt an outgoing SSH connection to port 443 every 5 minutes.

Install Instructions

Install Kali on your main computer (C&C), and your drop box (the one you will leave plugged in to the target network). As always, be sure to change the root password on both machines so that it is not the default.

All scripts should be run as root on both machines.

Download the necessary files to each machine (both the drop box and C&C).

	cd /opt
	git clone

Run the setup script on the CNC:

    cd /opt/ssh-phone-home

This script will make the following changes to your C&C machine:

  • Create a non-root user, that the drop box will use to connect.
  • Generate an SSH key allowing the drop box to login without a password.
  • Configure the SSH server to run on port 443 as well as the default port 22.
  • Configure the SSH server to allow root to login with a password.

Run the setup script on the drop box:

	cd /opt/ssh-phone-home

C&C Command Reference

These commands come in handy after you have everything setup and are working from the C&C server.

Start the SSH service:

	service ssh start

Enable SSH service start at boot:

	update-rc.d ssh enable

Check for current drop box connections:

	netstat -antp | grep ":443.\+ESTABLISHED.\+/sshd"

Watch for incoming drop box connections:

	watch 'netstat -antp | grep ":443.\+ESTABLISHED.\+/sshd"'

Close the connection from a drop box.

Where ####/sshd is the PID listed in output from the previous command:

	kill ####

Login to the drop box:

	ssh root@localhost -p 2222


Pentest dropbox setup scripts for Kali Linux







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