Simple rabbitmq publisher and subscriber for sending messages to telegram
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Squealer Rabbitmq telegram relay bot

bot by @whalepoolbtc -

This is a simple bot to allow you to relay messages to telegram


Install pip requirements sudo pip3.6 install -r requirements.txt

Setup config

cp config.sample.yaml config.yaml
Edit the config.yaml file accordingly


To run the subscriber, who connects to rabbit, awaits messages then sends to telegram:

To push a message to telegram, from bash type:

python3.6 --msg="... [msg string goes here] ..." arguments

Arg Type Default Required Explanation
msg string - Yes Message to be send to telegram
chat_id int config.ADMIN_CHAT_ID No An specific chat id to msg to (ie, yourself for testing)

To do

  • Send pictures / Picture arguments
  • Validate msg input isn't too long for telegram, spew error warning
  • Sanitise/Remove unwanted formatting characters from string that can conflict with telegram markdown parsing

For more info join @whalepoolbtc on telegram

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