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#ifndef _SKILL_H_
#define _SKILL_H_
#include <string>
enum skill {
sk_null = 0,
// Melee
sk_dodge, sk_melee, sk_unarmed, sk_bashing, sk_cutting, sk_stabbing,
// Combat
sk_throw, sk_gun, sk_pistol, sk_shotgun, sk_smg, sk_rifle, sk_archery,
// Crafting
sk_mechanics, sk_electronics, sk_cooking, sk_tailor, sk_carpentry,
// Medical
// Social
sk_speech, sk_barter,
// Other
sk_computer, sk_survival, sk_traps, sk_swimming,
num_skill_types // MUST be last!
std::string skill_name(int);
std::string skill_description(int);
double price_adjustment(int);
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