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use char ptr instead of int as type in setvector #19

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int setvector(vector, ...), use (char *) as the type for va_arg instead of int.

Since we are dealing with strings as opposed to arbitrary objects, this should be fine.

This fixes a segfault on mac.

whales and others added some commits
whales Minor bugfixes. Updated overheating / cold system. cf1ec25
whales ? bfbec76
whales Merge branch 'jaydg-master' b09fbd9
whales Updated pharmacy generation to be more random. f3a6753
whales Removed NPC spawning due to bugs; G will spawn an NPC sttill. 4facb0b
whales Greater variety in gas stations & pharmacy 1c3338f
whales Fixed scissors bug that caused a game freeze. 9a6fa13
whales Overmap searches now return results held in player-written notes. 623e2d8
whales Fix? cf18b51
whales Various bugfixes e32fc44
whales Bugfixes and tweaks. Hunger/thirst are more forgiving. 49bf8b1
whales Fixed bug where the player's power level wasn't saved. 94fe1bc
whales Containers like <plastic bottle of water> can now be unloaded like to…
…ols and guns.
whales Added Help section on firearms. Vomiting now reduces drunkeness and r…
…emoves some painkillers.
whales Fixed liquid handling bugs. 5e7aa51
whales Moved ranged combat to ranged.cpp 54164e3
whales Moved morale modifiers to temporary conditions. 8a6dbb5
whales Fixed the black screen startup issue c5f062b
whales Moved data files to a data directory 9673fad
whales Moved data files to a data directory c9afb03
whales Moved data files to a data directory 00ebfd4
whales Over-quenching of thirst no longer causes you to vomit 76839bf
whales Added UPS to power clothing. Moved morale to morale.h and moraledata.h 3302ca3
whales Fixed some crafting bugs and others. ae51ce3
whales Added minimum morale requirements for reading and crafting. c0edff0
whales Fixed a map scrolling bug and a few others. 3441065
whales Upped chances of painkiller appearance. b122eab
whales Fixed some liquid handling bugs; made it easier to hit dodging monste…
…rs under some circumstances.
whales Fixed more liquid handling bugs. 457594d
whales Made pharmacies more useful. Removed the binary from the repository. 8d6a471
whales Made monsters spawn less frequently, partparticularly when there are …
…many already in play.
whales The death explosion of boomers now makes adow makes adjacent monsters…
… stumble and lose movement. The difficult rating (and earliest possible spawn) of many monsters has been rebalanced.
whales Fixed line problems and other bugs. 6e68a73
whales Added craftable EMP grenades and tazers. Shocker zombies are now immu…
…ne to any electric attacks.
whales Clothing is now color-coded by what body parts it covers, rather than…
… real-life colors. Added new craftable electronics: EMP grenade, tazer, mp3 player.
whales Clothing is now color-coded by what body parts it covers, rather than…
… real-life colors. Added new craftable electronics: EMP grenade, tazer, mp3 player.
whales Player is now guaranteed to start in a house with a basement. Tweaked…
… tazer.
whales Player info screen now displays skill progress towards the next level. d031ec1
whales Added Message of the Day to inform users about new features. Updated …
…the help file.
whales Fixed a liquid handling bug. 673da64
whales Several bugfixes. be78794
whales Fixed a minor eating bug. e35024b
whales Lots of refactoring and bugfixes. 41e3b3d
whales Fixed a butchering bug. Butchering is now a multi-turn action which m…
…ay be cancelled by approaching monsters.
whales Fixed line bugs (hopefully). Shovels now place pit traps, as well as …
…pit terrain.
whales Acid now damages items and may eventually consume them, including met…
…al items
whales Fixed a rare crash when the player tabs to the skill section of the @…
… screen.
whales Reversed a change that prevented all character movement. 4c15abd
whales Viewing inventory now allows you to examine items until you explicitl…
…y exit. Minor trait tweaking.
whales Dressers can be smashed. Doors and dressers produce 2x4s when smashed…
…, and young trees may produce sticks.
whales Some mutation tweaking. d2e45f5
whales Reversed a bug which prevented items from being placed properly. bc81c37
whales Added map embellishments; rare add-ons that make it more varied and i…
…nteresting. Several bugfixes.
whales Bionics may now be installed. 698fbb5
whales Fixed bug where butchering was canceled without a query upon spotting…
… a monster, etc
m847 Massive commit from work I've done / patches I've applied while witho…
…ut a computer/
whales Fixed typo. f6ab5dd
@Whales Reading books is more user-friendly. Gun info is more explicit about …
…what values come from ammo / the gun itself.
@Whales Unified some code for how stats alter gameplay (e.g. how Dexterity al…
…ters chance to hit) and exposed these values during character creation
@Whales Further stat updates. 8b9bdfb
@Whales NPCs are back! Lots of other code refactoring. cd2d0bc
@Whales Added mission.cpp ef33cd6
@Whales Added mission_place.cpp and mission_start.cpp cb39383
@Whales Added enum talk_topic b7ccac7
@Whales Some bug fixes, improved pickup interface b336977
@Whales Progress on mission code. 8046940
@Whales Renamed mission_start to mission_update d9d6a6f
@Whales Fixed bug caused by eating via a key. More progress on missions. fe6a169
@Whales Should compile now, lol 7a022dd
@Whales Fixed save/load bug cb5bd88
@Whales Updated NPC battle AI. Requires clean build. fe61f65
@Whales Fixed 'weapon gets stuck' message bugs. 3bb2478
@Whales Character data screen ('@' key) now provides detailed encumberance in…
@Whales Geiger counters can now be switched to continuous scan. Player moveme…
…nt penalties from radiation capped.
@Whales NPC AI work and items update. Clean build required. 4c5851e
@Whales Added swamp monsters and stabbing weapons; also the weapon_flag enum …
…to give weapons special effects.
@Whales Fixed some NPC bugs. 8c3f344
@Whales Minor bugfixes. 4cdb768
@Whales Reversed some changes that introduced lots of terrible map bugs. 40889da
@Whales Added chainsaw effects - reduced chance to get stuck in enemies, and …
…splatters blood all over.
@Whales Fixed liquid handling--no more storing liquid in non-watertight or un…
…sealable containers
@Whales Lots of melee tweaks, a couple small features; CLEAN BUILD AND rm sav…
@Whales Fixed stupid item::is_book() bug :| 6663055
@Whales Added two new firearms, American-180 and Steyr AUG. Should require a …
…clean build and removal of saves.
@Whales Updated TODO e538486
@Whales Weather now works. XP Pool that fills from morale. e62e5a6
@Whales Updated motd 6b34914
@Whales Fixed bug where XP was used twice as fast as it should've been. lol d82b109
@Whales New monster: dermatik, and a new disease that dermatik causes (parasi…
@Whales Added missing files; weather and texthash 719a500
@Whales Fixed a few compile-time bugs 0d9e74d
@Whales Fixed some color issues. 6f27cd3
@Whales Several important bugfixes. Overhauled morale system. CLEAN BUILD REQ…
@Whales Typo fixes. Eyeglasses no longer contribute to encumberment at all. T…
…hanks to RM for bug reports.
@Whales Updated help, TODO and a few minor bugfixes 84e9359
@Whales Save bug fixed. Clean build and removal of save data required. c8f56ab
@Whales Made acid rain less deadly. 2cccecc
@Whales Morale overhauled again. Several bugfixes and tweaks. b7a7ec3
@Whales Added code_doc directory, where all documentation on code will be in …
…the future
@Whales Added moraledata.h to repo. lol 0d7f081
@Whales Partially-finished turret crafting 0d7d3ab
@Whales Support for unlimited save files. 037542e
@Whales Loading a save game now deletes the save file. b40bd05
@Whales Death is now real! 5e3b29f
@Whales New characters are now limited to 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages. 7861076
@Whales Added a game over screen, which tallies your kills. 90ca8e5
@Whales Death screen updated. 166e990
@Whales NPCs that cause a game freeze will now die, rather than create an inf…
…inite loop.
@Whales Fixed stunned-monster bug that caused freezes. 3a4da62
@Whales Fixed death screen kill counter. 4572b6c
@Whales Fixed is_game_over() bug with no return value d19b76a
@Whales Police station added. Clean build required! 06b2a6e
@Alien-AV Alien-AV adjusting for windows compatibility, minor bug fixes 0a0ea3c
@Whales Added banks. e93b9e3
@Whales Autosave on half-hour. Gender saves properly. ce07882
@Whales Gimped morale from food. b05935f
@Whales Capped randomly generated characters at 3 traits 6316f59
@Whales Fixed eating your pants crash. e7b6bef
@Alien-AV Alien-AV Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 9ae747b
@Alien-AV Alien-AV merged to upstream, HP now still shows after screen switches f0dfd75
@Alien-AV Alien-AV fix backspace, make screen clear attempt after exit not happen on win…
@Whales Fixed bug that made used-up ammo fail to disappear. Other small bugfi…
@Alien-AV Alien-AV merged with upstream cf8b5bf
@Whales Several bugfixes and optimizations 981a2ae
@Whales 2 extra points on character creation. d49d8c0
@Whales Merge pull request #9 from Alien-AV/master
Adds windows support
@Whales Revert "Merge pull request #9 from Alien-AV/master"
This reverts commit 2ab5333, reversing
changes made to d49d8c0.
@Whales Fixed sign bug when display effects of leg encumbrance 06d212b
@Whales Moved melee combat functions to melee.cpp 3d42b02
@Whales Melee nerfing, especially at high levels. 9781a7f
@Whales Cutting tweaking cd97e28
@Whales Updated item placement - CLEAN BUILD REQUIRED fa365a1
@Whales Disabled NPC spawn. Spear tweaks. Saiga-12 no longer loads by individ…
…ual cartridges.
@Whales Crafting times tweaks. Changed lighter usage message. 086232c
@Whales Special ammo effects added. Incendiary ammo for 7.62 M87, 5.56 NATO a…
…nd 7.62 NATO added.
@Whales Added incendiary ammo to military drops. e03d6e6
@Whales Craftable flamethrower. 1cf459e
@Whales Morale penalties from rain nerfed. 51a7238
@Whales Removed temperature effects altogether. Nerfed marijuana painkiller e…
@Whales Minor tweaks to portal generation. c836c86
@Whales Applied cib1's patch--no gameplay changes. c39c66b
@Whales Nerfed Pain Resistant and reduced cost to 2. Fixed bank generation bugs. f9a2674
@Whales Complete computer rewrite. Several other changes. 0417c31
@Whales Complete computer rewrite. Several other changes. b47d282
@Whales Updated vault contents. 4127ef0
@Whales Couple of fixes. 92d03a9
@Whales Fixed slow movement message bug. 4f460f3
@Whales Moved save game deletion to the moment of death to prevent exploit e9b3ca1
@Whales Merged Drevlin's circular menu and Quit When You Want mods 08df63c
@Whales Game autosaves on map_update() function 5a4bf6b
@Whales Lightning toned down. 59c1b37
@Whales Fire now spreads significantly more slowly. a34bb4d
@Whales Added break-in alarms for banks and police stations and a detailed po…
…lice hunt system.
@Whales Minor tweak of robocop spawning. cd5187a
@donhayes donhayes use char ptr instead of int as type in setvector af16338
@Whales Directional drop added. 423b8f8
@Whales Fixed two directional-drop bugs. 1abe8bc
@donhayes donhayes Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 52ea31a
@Whales Whales closed this
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