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Apple’s TextEdit open source word processor and text editor is many things but new. And one major features that separates it from any other text editing suite is its lacking of a word count feature. With that lacking in mind the Wharton Project is proud to make public its own script that it uses (a Text Edit word count extension) that can count …
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Word Count.scpt


Follow this guide to install the extension:
	1.	Click the green download button (a file named “Word” will be downloaded to your computer).
	2.	Locate and extract the Word file using Apple’s Archive Utility or a similar application.
	3.	Locate the the unarchived file (Word Count) and keep it open.
	4.	Open a new Finder window and navigate to Macintosh HD> Users > (Your Username) > Library > Services (if there is no folder called Services create one by pressing command+shift+n and naming the new folder “Services").
	5.	Drag the previously unarchived file (Word Count) to the Services folder.
	6.	If you have not already done so open System Preferences > Keyboard > Short Cuts > Services > Text and check the check box that is next to Word Count.
	7.	If you want you can set a keyboard combination to activate the shortcut (instead of having to open the service every time as we will discuss next).

Follow this guide to use the script:
	1.	When in TextEdit select the text you want to count (if you are checking the whole document press command + a).
	2.	Do one of the following:
	        ⁃	Enter the keyboard shortcut you set in step 7 of the installation process; or,
	        ⁃	TextEdit menu (right next to Apple logo in your menu bar), Services, Word Count; or,
	        ⁃	Right-click, Services, Word Count.
	3.	After a new window opens momently you will be presented with a dialog containing your word, character, and paragraph count of both your selected text and the document as a whole.
	4.	After reading the dialog click "Ok" and continue working.
This software is supplied "AS IS" without any warranties and support.
The Wharton Project assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of the software, conveys no license or title under any patent, copyright, or mask work right to the product.
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